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New Report: Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM

Here at GrabCAD, we're pretty confident that the next generation of PDM will include mature cloud technology. But will PDM systems of the future also incorporate elements of other transformative technologies? In his new report, Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM: How Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, and Social are Changing Product Data Management, independent research firm Consilia Vektor's Randall Newton tackles that question head on. Get the full report for free with registration.

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CAD in the Cloud? What you really want is cloud-based PDM!

There has been a lot of talk lately about “CAD in the cloud” - but I think there is an important distinction to make when discussing this. Are you talking about actual CAD design in the cloud, or referring to leveraging file storage and management on the cloud (while your CAD system still resides on your desktop)?  I think many of the people who talk about “CAD in the cloud” actually want “CAD files in the cloud” or “PDM in the cloud”.  Let me tell you why.

CAD cloud

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PDM is a technology of the past, CPD is the future

If you have more than one engineer in your company then you’ve had to figure out a way to manage CAD files. If you have a lot of engineers you’ve probably looked at tools like Product Data Management (PDM) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. And chances are when you looked at these solutions, you noticed too many problems.


Specifically, PDM and PLM don’t work the way you do. We think there’s a better way, and we’re calling it “Collaborative Product Development” (CPD).

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Why using Dropbox, Github or Box for CAD sharing is a mistake

In the past couple of months, I've heard thought leaders talk about how companies should approach CAD sharing. Should companies use tools that solve one problem for a broad set of people? Or, should companies use a set of tools for one group of professionals or consumers.

Wrong tool for the job (Apple saw via

This is an important question for CAD professionals to think about since more and more engineering and manufacturing companies are moving to SaaS tools. Do you want tools that are one-size-fits-all or tailored for your business? Technical companies, especially engineers and designers, need specialized solutions and this is why.
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PDM Part II: How to manage CAD files without Product Data Management software

The manufacturing software industry is the largest software vertical that has yet to take advantage of the spectacular advances in compute infrastructure and technology that have occurred in the last twenty years. All popular mechanical CAD authoring tools are still written for the Windows OS and architecture introduced in 1995. The companion PDM systems remain locked behind the corporate firewall, requiring special skills to deploy and administer.

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