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The amazing, fantabulous, bewildering world of cloud CAD: application delivery

Invocation of the word “cloud” has now reached a saturation point among CAD circles. Any CAD vendor without some sort of cloud strategy by now would be wise to run -not walk- to the nearest clue dispensing station. Cloud is becoming less of a counterculture alternative, but rather an essential piece of every current and future CAD solution.

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The amazing, fantabulous, bewildering world of cloud CAD: Infrastructure

"Cloud" is now a household word in today's engineering software landscape. That's both good and bad. Good in that new technology is actively being sought and aggressively adopted for CAD applications, bad in that the term places a whimsically diverse range of development, delivery, infrastructure, and virtualization technologies under one fantastically generic umbrella. So when it comes to cloud CAD, there's naturally quite a bit of consternation over whether your particular flavor of cloud-enabled CAD software might be pure, true, or perhaps even fluffy enough.

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The cloud isn’t scary, is it?

Today we’re going to talk about why the cloud is great. It’s convenient, safe, and probably better than whatever you’ve got going on now. Even companies with the world to lose have come to the conclusion that “yeah, the cloud is the best way to achieve our goals.” Most people who object to the cloud have something to say about purported security vulnerabilities. If it feels like we’ve had this conversation before, it’s because we have. A couple of times, actually.

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Four ways to use Fusion 360 every day

Yesterday, we told you how Autodesk Fusion 360 helps you CAD like you've never done before. Now, we’ll show you four ways your peers are already using it for everyday tasks like CAD feedback, editing, and creation. Your company can use Fusion 360 to reduce design cycle time and communication errors. A tool like GrabCAD Workbench, which connects with apps like Fusion 360 and integrates with your existing CAD software online is a great way to get started.

Put the pieces together for your team online with GrabCAD Workbench

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But Will It 3D Print?

GrabCAD has friends in the CAD Cloud, companies with great ideas to solve big problems. One problem is how to answer that question every Engineer and Designer asks - can I 3D print my model? Will it be what I see on my computer screen? Every time we've run design challenges for 3D printable items we get that difficult question a lot. But now, there is a solution: Will it 3DPrint.

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CAM on the cloud

In my last post I mentioned the Q&A thread "Will CAD move to cloud" that I started in LinkedIn. It's still open and there are some great thoughts on the subject. Among other responses one particularly interesting link to an article was left by one of the commenters.

CAM on Cloud

The article is about CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and how task solving can be distributed to multiple computers. It's the same model that is used in cloud where multiple servers are fulfilling the orders from the clients. Current exception is that the the workstations are in one network but to the cloud there is only one step more.

The software mentioned in the article is HSMWorks, a Gold-certified CAM program for SolidWorks users.

HSMWorks can work in a distributed computing environment. That doesn’t mean you need a supercomputer to run the software. HSMWorks can identify and call upon the idle computing cores in your networked computers. Essentially, it assembles a virtual supercomputer from these unused cores, giving you enough horsepower and bravado to think you just might be able to machine Anaheim.

So maybe CAM will move to cloud even before CAD?