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Additive vs subtractive manufacturing throw down

Additive manufacturing has been deservedly billed as one of the cornerstones of the next industrial revolution. Yet more traditional core subtractive manufacturing processes are largely responsible for, oh, say the entirety of modern civilization for one. But which manufacturing technology will dominate the autonomous cars, hyperloops (not to be confused with the breakfast cereal), and plasma drives of the future? It’s high time to settle this once and for all. Don some safety glasses and roll out your CNC milling machines and your 3D printers into the alley. Things are going to get ugly.

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Learn a Little Sine Language

Remember earlier this week when we wrote about GrabCADr Greg and his CNC machine. Well he just sent us another piece he just made. Behold! Mathematics, incarnate! It's really quite beautiful - a single drop in a slug of wood.

I was tinkering with another Solidworks milling project that I cut out of wood. Thought you might appreciate it.  I made this model in SW using a mathematical spline being controlled by the function F(x)=Sin(x)/x+1.   Then carved a solid swept 360 degrees in a slug of maple wood.

Awesome! Thanks a lot Greg. And remember, if anyone has anything that've been making on their own, especially other people's models from GrabCAD, take a picture and send it to us and we'll share it here!

More pictures after the jump.

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GrabCAD Engineer’s Spotlight: Neil Louw

GrabCAD engineer Neil Louw took a little time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his work, his life and what motivates him.

Neil lives in a Nelspruit, South Africa, very close to the world-renown Kruger National Park. It may seem far away to most of us around the world, but on GrabCAD, distance from a fellow engineer is meaningless. Neil Louw is a consulting Civil/Structural Engineer, freelancing as a project manager on the side. As he puts it, “This gives me time to pursue my love for all things mechanical - primarily the use of CNC equipment to create projects that were out of reach a few years ago.”

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