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How can you generate 170 product design ideas in a few weeks? GrabCAD Challenges.

There are a number of ways to design a new product. You can ask your designers. You can hire a design agency. Or, you can sponsor a GrabCAD Challenge and ask 1.8 million members for help. Last year, AirPatrol challenged our members and got over 170 new ideas for their wireless controller. That product recently launched and I asked Daniel Dordett, CEO and Andre Altjoe, Business Development at Airpatrol about this new way to design consumer electronics.

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GE seeks open innovation from the GrabCAD Community

Today we launched another great GrabCAD Challenge with GE. I talked to Lisa Ralph, Open Innovation Leader & Global Strategy at GE, about this Challenge to give you more details on their engineering problem, so you can create the best entry possible. This Challenge, ending March 9, has a prize pool of $10,000. The winners will be announced by June 8, after thorough testing and evaluation.

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Challenge Winners: 3D4D Dreambox Emergence 3D Printed Sunglasses for Kids

The 3D4D Dreambox Emergence Challenge asked GrabCADrs to develop highly cost effective sunglasses for children as a preventative measure for Pterygium (known in the US as Surfer’s Eye.)

Dreambox 3D Printed Glasses on GrabCAD

Matthew Hayto put together a quick summary that sheds some light on the manufacturing constraints their team and Challenge participants needed to overcome. The winning glasses and the full results are available on the Dreambox Protective Sunglasses for Children Challenge page. Dreambox Emergence was very impressed with the quality, variety and creativity of the 3D4D contest submissions.
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Challenge Results: Power Socket Redesign and GrabCAD favorites

Spark your creativity (pun intended) with the most recent Challenge winners from the Power Socket Redesign Challenge! GrabCADrs went above and beyond with new ideas on design, structure, and function. You can also see the GrabCAD Community's immense rendering and animation skills in the Great Rendering and Animate Your Models Challenges. Don't miss these winners.

GC Challenge by thinkin3D for our GrabCAD Great Rendering Challenge

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New Design Challenges: Robot Gripper Arm, Renderings, and Quick-fire Product Development

There are so many new design Challenges for you to follow! You can create a robot gripper arm and try out Autodesk Sim 360. You can test your rendering skills and get a spot on the GrabCAD homepage. And, you can design a functional product to be made on an EOS machine, which is especially handy if you find manufacturing methods either too expensive or time consuming.

New Challenges on GrabCAD! Click here to see them all.

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Challenge Finalists: GE Jet Engine Bracket

GE just announced 10 finalists for their 3D Printing Design Challenge to redesign a jet engine bracket. Their goal was to tap the GrabCAD Community to make a lighter 3D printable design. There were more than 700 entries and the finalists come from nine countries as different and far apart as Hungary and Indonesia. They will each receive a $1,000 prize with more rewards on the table after Phase II.

GE jet engine bracket V2 by Alexis on GrabCAD (Rendering by Miloš Barbir)

Pictured: GE jet engine bracket V2 by Alexis on GrabCAD (Rendering by Miloš Barbir)
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