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Supercar Body CAD Design Challenge officially over with 193 stunning submissions in 40 days!

500 Group's Supercar Body Design Challenge ended last night. Almost 200 designs were uploaded during this insanely popular 40 day challenge!

GrabCAD is pleased to announce 500 Group's extremely popular supercar body design challenge ended last night with 193 stunning entries from engineers all over the world. The GrabCAD community now has until April 23rd to determine the winning model, which is based solely on the number of "likes" each entry receives. Although we want to show off some of the truly wonderful submissions here, the renderings and pictures below link to the general entry pages, and not to the individual submissions. Please take time to look through all the submissions and "like" only the best ones. This is the power of GrabCAD.

Enjoy rendering?

GrabCAD is making the deal a little sweeter for anyone with rendering skills. In addition to the challenge as it stands, the 3 neatest and most professional renderings that use the GrabCAD logo on any car (in the challenge) will be awarded $50 each. Renderings will be judged solely by Mikk, our graphic designer. Mikk will take a look on April 23rd. The GrabCAD logo can be found here.


The Supercar Body Feedback Challenge is live until April 23rd. Authors of the top twelve feedback comments (which are honest, constructive and helpful) will receive $50 each. All the participants in this challenge need to write maximum of 50 words feedback to not less than 75% of all the entries in Supercar Body Challenge.

As a reminder, asking for "likes" through private messages is not an acceptable practice. The means by which winners are chosen ("like" count) is meant to harness the true potential of GrabCAD- engineers giving feedback and honestly assessing others' 3D design work.

We, at GrabCAD, are simply amazed at both the creativity and the attention to detail displayed by engineers and designers in the challenge! We are proud of the submissions to this challenge and anticipate organizing many more intriguing challenges for our engineers to display their amazing talent soon.

Good luck to all challenge participants! We're excited to see some more neat renderings uploaded and honest, constructive feedback given as the GrabCAD community browses through the submissions.




CrowdCAD Exo Bike Challenge case study

GrabCAD helped to redesign the fenders of an electric scooter Exo Neutrino by organising CrowdCAD challenge.

Exo Neutrino is a tiny electric scooter that handles like a bike, accelerates like a pocket rocket, drives you 40 miles / 60 kms in one go, and fits into the elevator. Designed with the environment in mind it’s the perfect urban companion.

The challenge was to redesign the plastic fenders on ExoBike. They were manufactured using the extrusion technique and were too fragile and not the best looking. The goal of the competition was to design and engineer new fenders using ABS plastic that will be manufactured by the common molding method. ExoBike team was not happy with the existing fenders and had been puzzled with the new design concept for a long time already. CrowdCAD was an effective and attractive way to take advantage of the power of GrabCAD's network of over 18 000 engineers and solve the design challenge without having to burden their own engineers.

ExoBike and GrabCAD teams together compiled the specification, requirements and procedures of the contest and GrabCAD announced it on July 8th. The deadline was set to 3 weeks to have enough time for the community engineers to develop the new concept.

GrabCAD engineers came up with the new designs and uploaded the files in the library. The competition encouraged engineers to try their best and exceed their skills. ExoBike team was satisfied to select the winner among 24 works and the winning engineer was given a prize chosen by ExoBike team.

ExoBike also got all results of the competition and can implement them in production later if desired.

The competition helped ExoBike to receive a selection of design solutions from which to pick the most suitable, all that in a matter of three weeks.

ExoBike took away:

  • Large selection of practical solutions for the design challenge
  • Unique, high quality results that are above standard concepts and exceeded expectations
  • Saved time and company's own engineering resources
  • Coverage in industry's media (including TechVehi and ElectricBikee)
  • Great additional ideas for further product development

Read the ExoBike fender competition announcement.

Results of the challenge are available in GrabCAD library.

Read the winner announcement here.

"Exo team was positively surprised to find that in the middle of hot summer our CrowdCAD contest created so much excitement and attention. The proposed number of designs were surprisingly high and we felt that the competition entries were thought-out and really caught ExoBike''s essence. The design of the fenders has been quite a challenge for the Exo team. Thanks to the competition, the team received lots of ideas for further development. We definitely plan to implement the best entries in manufacturing. As ExoBike is constantly evolving, we plan to launch new challenge soon."

Marko Mand, Production Development Manager, ExoBike

In summary the CrowdCAD competition proved to be again ideal way to improve or redesign a part of the machine with the help of the experts in GrabCAD global network.
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$2000 prize for a new yacht deck vent design

Another CrowdCAD challenge! Luxury yacht builder Saare Yachts needs help with designing their deck vent. Come up with the best solution and bag a cool $2000 for your effort.

Saare 41 yacht

The challenge is to design and engineer a deck vent solution that works both when the sailboat is in the middle of the sea, and also when docked in the harbor. Deck vent lets fresh air into the cabin of the yacht to keep the humidity levels inside and outside as close to equal as possible.

The ventilator must be easily adjustable to let in as much or as little air as the user wishes, it needs to operate smoothly (seawater and dirt are a constant companion), have a visual indication that shows how open or closed the vent currently is, and be low maintenance.

The vents currently used have a couple of problems - a threaded system is not best suited for the sea as dirt and salty sea water can enter the thread, making the adjustment of the vent difficult or impossible.

Secondly, the threaded system is not the most user-friendly option as it can take more than 10 turns of the knob to fully close the vent. As said earlier, there’s also no indicator telling whether the vent is open or closed.

In addition to that, Saare Yachts would like to see alternative materials used instead of stainless. This is not a hard requirement though, whatever material you use should withstand salty sea water and has to be easy to clean.

Winner gets $2000

Yes, the best design picked by a joint jury of Saare Yachts and GrabCAD will get a cool sum of $2000. Two runners-up will receive a T-shirt and some other goodies from GrabCAD.

If the winning design goes into production, Saare Yachts will commission further model adjustments, changes, and technical drawings from the winning engineer.

The requirements

  • New closing mechanism - something other than the threaded system used today
  • Weatherproof - must last on an open water yacht
  • No direct access to the cabin through the ventilator
  • Vent must withstand human weight once installed (if somebody accidentally steps on it)
  • Air and water proof once fully closed
  • When open, rain and random splashes of water should not get through the vent into the cabin
  • Simple manufacturable design
  • Ease of installation
  • Maximum airflow possible
  • Dimensions - use the Vetus vent (see below) as a soft reference
  • Design - keep it elegant, we’re dealing with a classical sailing yacht here
  • Soft requirement - you are free to pick your material

Below is an image (click to see the larger version) of a ventilator by Vetus which is used today.

The rules

  • Winning design will be chosen based on the functionality and the opening/closing mechanism, and all other requirements outlined above.
  • The competition is open to everyone.
  • Team entries are welcome. In case of team win, prize money will be transferred to team leader who is solely responsible for splitting it among team members.
  • You can submit several designs.
  • Only models uploaded to GrabCAD library will participate in the competition.
  • Tag your model with "saareyachts" to make it easier to find.
  • You may upload a private model but you need to share access to
  • Privately uploaded models will be made public after the competition deadline.
  • Models can be done in any CAD software as long as a STEP or IGES files are also uploaded.
  • Competition starts: 3rd of August, 2011
  • Competition ends: 14th of August, 2011
  • Competition winner will be announced in GrabCAD’s blog.

Sounds like a jolly old challenge to us :) As you might have noticed we’re welcoming entries from teams - might be a clever way of putting together the expertise of several people to blow competition out of the water (pardon the pun).

Get cracking! Erm… designing!

Saare Yachts logoSaare Yachts is a luxury yacht builder located on the small island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea. Ancient local maritime culture and boat building traditions run in their veins.

CrowdCAD Amarok Racing Challenge case study

GrabCAD, a global mechanical engineering community and CAD services marketplace with over 15.000 members, helped to redesign the triple clamp of an electric super bike for Amarok Racing team. Crowdsourced approach produced over 150 solutions in a matter of weeks.

The goal of Amarok Racing is to compete in and win in the North American Championship of the formula 75 class in 2011. The Amarok team has designed and built a ground-up, all new, radically engineered electric racing superbike that changes the power-to-weight paradigm in the industry.

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Building the old Beetle, crowdcad style

The original Volkswagen Beetle is probably one of the most recognized cars in the world. It was in production from 1938 until 2003 and 21,529,464 were made over the 65 years. It’s the longest-running and most-manufactured automobile of a single design platform anywhere in the world.

Beetle also has a cult-like following with thousands restoring old models, keeping them running, some using them as their daily rides, others rolling them out on nice sunny weekends for that leisurely drive down the winding country roads.

Where am I going with all this? Couple of weeks ago we heard from Mark Burhop (of the Siemens PLM fame) that his son was restoring an old Beetle and they planned on getting all the parts of the car CAD-ified. They had already found an ally in another CAD world heavyweight Blake Courter (the co-founder of Spaceclaim), who just so happened to have a fully modeled Beetle transaxle.

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