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Is Getting a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Worth It?

If you're thinking about obtaining a master's degree in mechanical engineering, one of your first questions should probably be: is this going to be worth the time, money and effort it is going to require over the long-term of my engineering career? And no, you can't just think of the salary.

If you’re like most engineers, you may have thought about obtaining a master’s degree in order to make more money or gain a competitive advantage. But is it really worth the extra time, effort, and money that you’d spend pursuing an advanced degree? I’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages that you should consider.

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Challenge Finalists: GE Jet Engine Bracket

GE just announced 10 finalists for their 3D Printing Design Challenge to redesign a jet engine bracket. Their goal was to tap the GrabCAD Community to make a lighter 3D printable design. There were more than 700 entries and the finalists come from nine countries as different and far apart as Hungary and Indonesia. They will each receive a $1,000 prize with more rewards on the table after Phase II.

GE jet engine bracket V2 by Alexis on GrabCAD (Rendering by Miloš Barbir)

Pictured: GE jet engine bracket V2 by Alexis on GrabCAD (Rendering by Miloš Barbir)
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Engineer’s salary – how much do you and can you earn?

I carried out a little bit of research the other day on the web and here’s what I found about this topic. The idea is not to make an exhaustive report but to give you a brief overview of the overall salary ranges for engineers.

An engineer's income varies a lot depending on location, experience, and industry. For some reason engineers in the petroleum, computer hardware, and nuclear industries earn considerably more than their colleagues. Well the actual reason is that these industries lack skilled resources but also education might cost more.

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