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Generational labels are stupid. Engineering transcends age

A tired old greybeard engineer, sits arms folded, frown fully deployed, carrying an unhealthy skepticism of any IT trend sporting a cute monosyllabic name, as he glares at the young punk across the table - a "Millennial." The youthful opponent, looks up momentarily from her Instagram post as if to make an impassioned, ecologically sound plea to experiment with a new technology or process, then quickly down again – Squirtle's just around the corner!

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How should engineers work with graphic designers?

Engineers are an analytical bunch. Function always comes before form. Take street signs, for example. Virtually all of these signs were written in all capital letters. This didn't change until recently - when research proved that that a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters is easier for the elderly to read. Now, signs are being replaced with the easier to read text. The engineers at the Federal Highway Administration didn’t make the decision to switch to a more attractive type until someone provided research that proves that it’s easier to read.

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Good News Post for Friday – Engineering Majors Rank High In Salary Analysis

Maybe you've had a long week, maybe you're struggling with a tricky design problem, maybe you need a little good news.  We've got some!  If you're a MechE (or Aerospace Engineer or Marine Engineer, closely related) you've chosen a high-paying profession!


Recently NPR's Planet Money podcast did a story on the most and least lucrative college majors - you can listen to it here.  Mechanical Engineers came in at #8 on the list, Aerospace Engineers at #4.  In case you're wondering, #1 was Petroleum Engineering (hello fracking boom!), #2 was Pharmacy Sciences / Administration and #3 was Mathematics and Computer Science (no real surprise there).

Engineering majors pretty much swept the list, in fact, which confirms that those years of calculus and late nights in the computer lab are paying off for at least some of you out there.  Congratulations!

How to win clients and master your design reviews

Clients are tough. They have a vision in their head that they struggle to share. They don’t really review your designs. They ask for view after view of your work until they can see the exact detail they need. Then, they send you changes which make you backtrack on your progress or even miss a deadline.

Be number one with your clients by streamlining the review process

Situations like these make client relationships seem like a chore. Reviews with your client should be smooth, frequent, and a source of inspiration for you to get started on the next version. How can you engage your clients and get them excited about your fantastic work?

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to get your clients on board with the design process, so that they love the end product you create.
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Letter to Community: We’re writing a book and it’s about you!

There isn’t a single day that passes when we don’t hear stories about how engineers are getting help from other community members.

It usually starts with, “I needed a part for my designs and I didn’t have time to design it. I looked on GrabCAD and there it was. I saved a whole day, and what’s even better, the original author shared more tips with me about his design. It could only happen on GrabCAD!” Hearing these stories keeps us going - we know that there are so many creative engineers and designers out there who appreciate that we save them time and help them do their job better.

But, not all the stories we hear are so positive. A couple of weeks ago, I met a brilliant product designer and engineer - a really brilliant one. After our meeting, he told me he’s making a career move to become an interactive designer. Yes, you heard me correctly, an interactive designer. He is talented enough to do anything, but I was curious. Why leave engineering? He feels that the engineering field is not developing quickly enough and, as a career opportunity, software seems like a better choice.

In some ways, I agree with him: there really haven’t been many innovations in CAD in the past 20 years. But, there is change in the air and I think he’s going to miss out on something really special. First, there is a new focus and movement based on hardware. Secondly, the internet really hasn’t changed how things are designed and built. At GrabCAD, we can see change is already happening.

Engineering is not developing quickly enough, but there is change in the air!

The GrabCAD vision is to build tools that help you design better products faster by taking advantage of this new open environment. More than 700.000 engineers and designers agree with us and joined our online movement to access CAD content, CAD people, and CAD tools.

These changes in the industry are hugely important and we need to share them with everyone who will listen. As a fellow engineer, I know that we may not be a very talkative group of people who are always tweeting and sharing, but these stories need to be told. We need to spread the word on how the engineering industry is moving forward, so a new generation of engineers and designers are inspired to choose a career dedicated to building great products.

So, we’re writing a book.

It’s about engineers, it’s about the future, and it’s about how this new, open enigeering world is going to change the way we design and build products. We want our book to be your book - it will be filled with stories from the people who are making this change happen, you. Thanks for building GrabCAD with us!

Leave us your story (1-4 sentences) in the comments below, and we may feature it in the book!

Taking it to the next level, again.

Three things get me excited every day at GrabCAD:

  • Our Members. Their creativity and passion for design and building physical products is contagious.
  • Our Product. Building a quality product for the manufacturing industry and engineers is so rewarding.
  • Our Team. People make a company. All 36 people in US, UK and Estonia bring their best every day.

We are always looking to hire more great people who care about the same things. Today I am happy to announce two new additions to our team, Rob Stevens and Blake Courter. What did they say about joining GrabCAD?

Blake Counter, GrabCAD Product Manager Rob Stevens, GrabCAD VP Marketing Sales

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Thank You: 300,000 Engineers and Counting

We would like to take the time to thank all of the engineers who make GrabCAD amazing! Today, we hit the mark of 300K members and we could not have done it without you. We look different than when we started...

GrabCAD in February 2011 via The Wayback Machine

GrabCAD in February 2011 via The Wayback Machine

GrabCAD in October 2012 with 300K Members

GrabCAD in October 2012 with 300K Members

But at our hearts we are still working to make engineers' lives better. Every day I am amazed by what I see in our community.

You help each other.
You share your work.
You collaborate with peers.
You conquer challenges.

Thank you for every contribution and for every time you recommended us to your friends and coworkers. Keep going - engineer, design, explore!