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Interview with the Chief Powertrain Engineer of Ferrari

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jean-Jacques His, Chief Powertrain Engineer from Ferrari about his work and winning Performance Engine of the Year Award. The award was presented at International Engine Expo /Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, Germany in early June where GrabCAD held a presentation about crowdsourcing.

Powertrain engineer at Ferrari

What is your background? What are your most notable projects?
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Models We Love – Showing Off

Many among us are part of bigger projects - and occasionally we show off what's happening. Sometimes it's an interesting invention, or a loose skeleton of the final project, or the rendering of a dream car. In the end - GrabCAD is a place to show off - and man there was a lot of good stuff out there!

This is a render of a Goldmine that GrabCAD Engineer Vladimir has posted - just renderings and not models. A little Google search of the title 'MWS' dug up something about a 'Mine Waste Solutions' project in South Africa (where Vladimir lives) to reprocess leftover mine tailings. Picture was taken with NavisWorks

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Enzo Ferrari Museum – The Fastest Building in the World

There are few car companies as inspiring as Ferrari - they've set the standard for Automotive Engineering and Design for the past 80 years and continually break those rules time and time again. Last May, the new Enzo Ferrari Museum opened in Modena, Italy, right outside his birthplace, his father's rail-carriage workshop, complete with exhibits of every single car produced by Ferrari and contemporaries. Rarely does one see an exterior form of a building that so perfectly compliments the attractions within, the sort of crossover from Automotive to Architecture that deserves a little writeup for the blog.

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Models We Love – Your Own Virtual Warehouse

This week's models embody the collaborative nature we admire and are promoting on GrabCAD. Without further ado, here are some awesome collaboration projects as well as other neat models.

Locost assembly by GrabCAD engineer Gary McGaha

This creation is GrabCAD at it’s best - Engineers collaborating with one another to produce such an awesome model. A design that would have taken many engineers months at work to model but with the help of the GrabCAD community, this model was done in a much shorter time.  Lets see what else you guys can built from others models on GrabCAD!

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Ferrari V12 engine assembly from start to finish

It's easy to get excited about Ferraris. They're at the very top of the food chain in the automotive world and for a very good reason - Ferraris are fast, luxurious, sound wonderful and drive like young gods. Yes, they're expensive but after you watch this 7 minute video of how a Ferrari V12 engine is assembled you start to understand the time and care that goes into making a small piece of the whole car. Enjoy.