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5 Problems You Can Solve with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing. It’s a hot topic right now thanks to developments in technology. Before, there were barriers to asking a large group for input and ideas. Now, these barriers are quickly falling away. The Internet is always on, which makes it faster and easier to connect the world’s talent. Books like Makers and Decisive are bringing the practice of open and cooperative design and decision processes to the mainstream. Below are some different examples of companies using crowdsourcing in new and interesting ways.

Search and mentions of crowdsource

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Is your product idea ready to make it big?

Daily Grommet and Google Apps want you to pitch your product. In partnership with Hive, "The Product Pitch" is a way to take your consumer product idea to market. Ideas must be submitted by Friday, March 8. You may be thinking, "That is not enough time!" All you need to submit is a description of your product concept and why you are passionate about creating it. We know that GrabCAD'rs have amazing ideas to offer. So, submit your idea today!

Daily Grommet Google Apps Hive The Product Pitch Event 2013

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