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The model-based definition ski challenge

It’s the “high noon” of ski season, and I find myself comparing my challenges learning to ski with my work in model-based definition (MBD). Odd as it may sem, this confluence brings me to the conclusion that learning MBD is comparable to becoming a pretty good skier. It took me 20 years, two ski patrol sled trips, one knee surgery, and lots of strength training to become a proficient, confident skier. Similarly, adopting MBD has its challenges, but sticking with it for the long haul will prove fruitful. MBD is on its way to your organization whether you like it or not. Please give yourself some space to absorb the concepts, stay focused, and eventually you will become a master.

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Engineering Drawings are Dead. Now What?

So that last article was rather frightening for some, you know, with the zombies and the whole thing with engineering drawings not being alive and all that. For some, it was downright traumatic. Many have rightly pointed out that cost constraints and the limitations of today's tools make Model Based Engineering (MBE) seem like an impossibly far off dream. Yet the value of evolving engineering documentation to its logical next step seems clear. So the question remains: how can we possibly get there from here? Read the rest of this entry »

Engineering Drawings are Dead

CAD has largely replaced the engineering drawing – embrace the change.

The era of hand-drawn engineering illustrations has come and gone. Yet so much of the engineering community both far and wide seem to hopelessly cling to the past. Of course, we're talking about engineering drawings. And yes, it's time for the drawing to die. But just like those pesky zombies on AMC’s hit TV show about failed team dynamics, it seems engineering drawings keep coming back to life. If we're not careful they'll eat our brains. Someone get me a shotgun. Read the rest of this entry »