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3D printing in medical devices is growing exponentially part 2: implants

In my previous post, I considered the applications of technology for external medical devices. Since then, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has published draft guidelines for Technical Considerations for Additive Manufactured Devices. The main thrust of these guidelines currently is not definitive, but rather provides direction both for medical device manufacturers and for FDA staff. Importantly, it does serve to illustrate the growth and acceptance of this application of 3D printing.

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Daniel Herzberg and the Heart Valve That Saved His Life

GrabCAD user Daniel Herzeberg has an interesting account of a model he has shared with the GrabCAD community. A model of a valve that just so happens to be firmly implanted his chest, keeping his blood a'flowin'.

Less than two months ago, Daniel underwent open-heart surgery to have the heart valve you see above put into . After the surgery he followed up on his new implant to find out a little more about the the technology keeping his ticker going. What he found out turned out to be a series of related and interesting finding that made the 3D CAD software he uses even more meaningful.

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