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Looking the Way it Ought to Be – InfiniteZ zSpace and Microsoft Holodesk

Imagine for one second your model outside your screen. Almost like it was in your hands. And it could be altered and rotated at the command of a few mouse clicks. Perhaps pen-clicks. Or even, altered by your very hands. Well, what if I told you there was already something like that out there?

3D screens are not new, but they have been difficult to commercialize. Remember Nintendo VirtualBoy? That abject failure demonstrated that developing a user-friendly manner of interacting would be a long-way off. One of the biggest problems since the start has been how to correct what is being projected to suit the position of the viewer. One way is to make goggles with slightly different images for each eye. Another is tracking the eyes to alter the imagery to create the illusion. Rapid development of eye-tracking algorithms (i.e. Microsoft Kinect) means that no goggles or unfriendly UI can be avoided, creating a Natural Use Interface (NUI).  Here are the two contenders for creating a real 3D CAD modelling experiences.

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