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What’s Influencing Today’s Trends In Manufacturing Technology?

Manufacturing is no longer simply about making physical items and transferring X from A to B. Changes in global consumer demand with more emphasis on customization, engagement, speed to market, quick delivery, coupled with modifications to the economics of production, and the shifting supply chain have all resulted in a fundamental shift in the way most companies do business.

Indeed, the line between consumer and creator continues to blur and only time will tell how far this amalgamation goes.
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Creating a CAD-cure, from the Bottom-up

Usually we CAD in the realm of the very big and boisterous. Cars, tools, dinosaurs - it's the fun, we-can-see-it stuff. It's no surprise it's because we've gotten very good at making these things (except the dinosaurs). As manufacturing on the small scale gets better, CAD software catches up. Researchers at Parabon Nanolabs have begun to do just that, creating a CAD program that allows the user to drag-and-drop each individual atom to create custom drugs, and the nano-engineer can count on his 3D model to be crafted exactly as he or she imagined.


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Results are in! Atmospheric Water Generator

A curious challenge this was for GrabCAD. A new fabric that wicks water from thin air, yet no commercial application developed for it yet. Instead of simply thinking of an idea themselves, NBD Nano decided to open the doors and ask the biggest online community of Engineers and Designers what they thought they would do with it. 3 weeks, 88 entries and a lot of discussion later, and we have a few winners to announce!


First Prize - $1,250

Congratulations to GrabCAD Engineer Victor Terán for his entry, the Nano Aquamist. An unusual entry but when you read his well-explained idea, the need and the ultimate benefit, you can see how clever this particular application is. This is what NBD said

The Aquamist entry is awarded first prize due to it’s well thought-out, yet simple design, as well as it’s potential market applications. Aquaponics and hydroponics are rapidly growing forms of small-scale agriculture which present water-replenishing needs in high humidity zones. The Aquamist design is a feasible solution to these water needs.

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New Challenge – Atmospheric Water Generator

It's our smallest Challenge yet! Well, in terms of how it works. NBD Nano is a company that specializes in using Nanotechnology to extract water, inspired by the effortless efforts of the Namib Desert Beetle. They have recently developed a type of surface that can do just that, but are still looking to applications. Your job is to come up with a creative and useful device that utilizes NBD's technology.

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