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New GrabCAD Community Tutorials Features

Here at GrabCAD, we believe knowledge is power – so we’ve decided to empower you by adding some really cool new tutorials features to make GrabCAD Community even better! We’ve totally redesigned the Tutorials page to make it mobile responsive and easier to navigate. These improved features also make it easier to find, search, and create tutorials. We’ve added a new search bar to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And to take the guess work out of what a tutorial will help you to create, we’ve added thumbnails so you can see just what the finished model will look like.

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What’s new to you in GrabCAD Workbench

Every day we work hard to improve GrabCAD Workbench and help you collaborate more efficiently with colleagues, clients, customers and manufacturers. One of the great things about a SaaS tool is that we can deliver updates daily. The downside is that users don’t always know when we’ve made improvements, so we wanted to take a moment to review some of the latest greatest features, then let you know how you can have your voice heard in our product development process.

Building in progress (pic via

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New feed and notifications

GrabCAD has made some changes to empower serious engineers to navigate and find useful content everyday. Since this morning, many of you have likely spotted the changes for Home feed and the new Notifications feature. While some changes are obvious, some are not, hence a more detailed explanation of the updates is in order.

We took a long time brainstorming and experimenting with the new popular feed. We know that there are an incredible amount of impressive CAD models and tutorials uploaded every day, yet they often disappear from the feed or dissolve in the amount of comments some older models receive day in and day out.

The main goal for adding a Popular feed was to bring up models and tutorials that make the whole Engineering community proud of the profession by highlighting models that GrabCAD engineers will appreciate the most. This is the feed worth checking out to get an overview of the best uploads to GrabCAD recently.

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Rolling updates to our site

If you’ve been clicking around then you’ve probably noticed that a number of pages look different than what you’re used to. It’s a bit confusing, we know, but instead of waiting for a month to get every single page prepared and launching all at once we decided, true startup-style, to release bits and pieces as we cook them.

Today saw the release of probably the most important update - the CAD model view. Just click on any CAD model in our library and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

There are still a number of pages to do, engineer’s dashboard and CAD services pages being the most important ones, but the end is close now and once we’re done the site will be easier to use, offer better user experience and the new layout and setup will make it easier for us to add new features and grow.

We’re eager as ever to get your feedback on what you think can be improved on our website, what functionality do you think will make it more useful to you and fellow engineers. And we want to know about the bad stuff too - what annoys you, what is missing, what is broken. Just leave your thoughts here in the comments or email me at

Thanks :)