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Augmented Reality is Coming to Your Car Dealership

The automotive industry has toyed with the idea of using augmented reality for years. Most applications have stayed in the realm of concepts, but Porsche is making strides toward real-world application.

Instead of helping drivers to spot dangers on the road like Jaguar and Land Rover, or supplying first responders with 3D schematics of vehicles like Daimler, Porsche is applying augmented reality in dealership service departments. It will be technicians wearing smart glasses, instead of customers, opening a world of possibilities.

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High-performance Porsche exhausts designed using GrabCAD’s services

porsche exhaust

Company: Adlerflow
Industry: High performance ceramic exhausts for Porsche
Services used: technical drawings, drafting

Benefits of using GrabCAD:

  • Rapid outcome without time spent on searching, testing or negotiating with engineering partner
  • Cost savings on CAD services
  • Flexibility on using the engineering resources
  • Shorter product development time
  • Improved bottom line

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