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The Five Steps to Delivering Your Product Prototype and Business Idea

Product Prototype IdeaBrainstorming a business idea is the first step towards your entrepreneurial dreams. When it comes to brainstorming a new product idea, however, presenting a real-life prototype is essential.

In fact, it could make or break whether your dreams come true.

In this blog post, I provide an overview of what goes into creating your first prototype. Now, not every entrepreneur or business professional has thousands of dollars to spend on manufacturing hundreds of prototypes. So for this blog post, I focus on creating multiple prototypes using only a 3D printer.
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Don’t know anything about rapid prototyping? Start here.

With modern software, you can create a part in 3D CAD, perform digital analyses, and then send it directly to manufacturing for tooling and production. So why does anyone prototype anymore? It’s not that they’re old fashioned or just enjoy throwing away money. It’s that there are still things you can’t know just by looking at a model on a screen—like how it feels in your hands, how potential customers will respond, and whether it will do the job it was built to do in a world full of inexact measurements.

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