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Geomagic Spark – Point-cloud to Assembly Software Now Available

Collaboration always makes us happy - we were really excited about the partnership between Geomagic and Spaceclaim to create Geomagic Spark, a Scan-to-CAD software program that many in the CAD scene are excited about. For a long time, taking a object and turning it into a CAD model was a long, arduous process of either physically measuring the dimensions and modelling them or laser-scanning and cleaning up the point cloud and editing the mesh. That is, until now. Watch this video.


  • Direct scanning into Geomagic Spark using hardware plug-ins for Faro, Hexagon and Creaform (others to be announced)
  • CAD Modelling/Sketching (via the Spaceclaim API)
  • Accurate extraction of surfaces, solids and sketches from the mesh
  • Point cloud editing – Deletion, sampling, noise reduction, etc.
  • Scan and process directly in a CAD application import point clouds, meshes and CAD formats
  • Complete 3D models from incomplete scan data
  • Push/pull geometry modification tools
  • Create and edit large assemblies
  • Quickly create annotated 2D technical drawing and 3D dimensions
  • Interoperable with a range of CAD and PLM tools
  • Interoperable with a range of CAD and PLM tools in addition to neutral file formats (IGES, STEP, OBJ, ACIS, and PDF)
  • Compatible with a collection of powerful third-party add-ins for SpaceClaim, e.g., photorealistic visualization, PDM, analysis and CAM


For all of these features, there is a CAD program for it. But no one has managed to turn it into a singular product for MCAD users. This is particularly exciting for GrabCAD - digitizing and sharing has become a lot easier. Using Spaceclaim's API, the steep learning curve is diminished, allowing millions of Engineers and Designers with few CAD skills to be able to scan-and-model any part or product faster than before. One simple use could be repairing a broken part by scanning then stitching them together, creating a CAD file that is ready to be manufactured. Another is quick reverse engineering of discontinued or hard-to-find parts - a tremendous asset for extending the life of expensive machinery or equipment.

As of today, you can download a free trail here. Geomagic Spark is starting at $10,000.


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