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RoboFold – The Fine Art of Robo-Origami

Take the art of Orgami, the process of folding and unfolding a single piece of square paper and creating a bird, or a frog. And then take the art of metal fabrication. Add a computer and a fully articulated robotic arm and what do you have? Folded sheet metal like you've never seen it before.

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Robots and 3D printing – you have our attention

Sending us an email about robots and 3D printing is a pretty good idea if you want to catch our attention. No wonder our ears perked up when Robert Steiner wrote that he gave the Robodude a 3D print treatment.

3D printed robot

Robert doesn’t just 3D print stuff, he takes it a step (or two) further and paints the items to make them look more realistic. Here’s a video of Robert explaining his work process, fascinating insight into the world of scale model making. More pics further down.

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What do engineers do when it snows?

In some parts of Europe it has been constantly snowing for the past three weeks. The first 30 cm of snow is always exciting. The next 20 makes every sane person to throw a shovel in the car booth and the rest of the crowd to wax the skis and sledges. Add another 20 cm and the amount of snow starts to cause havoc on the streets and separate the men from the boys.

Sure, you can get rid of most of the snow by using pure muscle power. But those having an engineering degree actually have an advantage here. If the white stuff still keeps falling from the sky after the Christmas holidays, I might start to consider one of the following solutions instead of keeping up the early morning exercise routine featuring one specific yellow plastic winter gadget.

At first, the Wovel seems like a typical TV Shop or a cheap gadgets catalogue toy. However, it was once picked as the best new product of the year by Popular Mechanics. If that's not quite enough, 99 semi-professional reviews in Amazon give this little wheel reinvention credibility and positive criticism. As a matter of fact, most of the books by Shakespeare get less opinions and fewer reviews than this unique shovel.

The same thing in action.
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