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Debunking the cons to CAD file sharing tools

In a post I wrote last week I described why Dropbox, GitHUB, Box and other mainstream file sharing tools are not enough for a complex industry like Manufacturing. Yesterday, Oleg Shilovitsky wrote a post listing the top 3 pros and cons to using a CAD file sharing tool as opposed to generic tools.


I completely agree with Oleg’s top 3 pros and think these are only the beginning. As for the cons, I think they need a closer look.
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Will CAD move to the cloud?

CAD on the Cloud

We created LinkedIn Q&A about the hottest topic in the CAD world at the moment:

"CAD on the cloud".

What do you think - will it move to cloud and are you happy about it? Leave a comment here or post it on LinkedIn Q&A

Autocad on the web

On my investigation in CAD SaaS field I wound AutoDesk project called butterfly which is web- based CAD system.

Project Butterfly is an Autodesk Technology Preview that enables AutoCAD® users to edit and collaborate on AutoCAD drawings through a Web browser. With Project Butterfly, AutoCAD users can share and work on DWGTM files with colleagues and clients from any computer with an Internet connection.

Share drawings with other people. View and edit DWGs without downloading any software, using just a Web browser.

Invite your project team to an online meeting where all sides can discuss and co-edit a drawing in real-time. Or browse through comments and changes on your own time.

Use Project Butterfly to collaborate with colleagues and clients. Anyone can access Project Butterfly, even if they don't have AutoCAD installed, and even if they don’t have a Project Butterfly account.

I tried it out and I must confess the solution is very impressive despite the fact that this is still in 2D.

I found very promising comment from SolidSmack webpage:

Thanks for spreading the word about Project Butterfly.At this point it is indeed 2D. You may recall that Project Freewheel is our technology preview to investigate viewing and sharing of 3D models via the web. So it is quite possible that something could happen in the future - no promises - but we are not ignoring 3D. Project Butterfly is based on RealDWG technology so the plumbing for 3D is available.

Can't wait to see more web-based CAD solutions.