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7 Tips to Help You Master Media Interviews

Working with the press and media -- whether it's online, broadcast and print reporters and editors, bloggers, freelance writers, and others -- is an important part of being a business. "Working with" can include everything from media interviews and being quoted in topical articles, to being included in product round-ups.
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How to Make a Product Prototype in Five Steps

Product Prototype IdeaSo, you've come up with a brilliant business idea that will launch your entrepreneurial dreams. The next step, however, is creating a product prototype. In fact, it could make or break whether your dreams come true.

A product prototype is essential to pitching your business idea because most of the time investors won't give you money without seeing your idea in physical form.

In this blog post, I explain (in five steps) how to make a product prototype. Now, not every entrepreneur or business professional has thousands of dollars to spend on manufacturing hundreds of prototypes. So for this blog post, I focus on creating multiple prototypes using only a 3D printer.
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