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Updates to GrabCAD – sharing, invitation and more

We had a small update to the site yesterday with bunch of updates and bug fixes. Here's a laundry list of things we added, you might find some of them interesting.

Support for bigger files - upload file size limit increased from 50 MB to 100 MB.

Similar models shown on file pages - makes finding relevant content more easy. Works based on tags so the better tags on your image, the better the match. Check out this Audi rim, for example.

Invite a friend - handy form to share GrabCAD with fellow engineers.

Sharing models - post your favorite models to Twitter or Facebook. Honestly, we're not sure how popular it will be among the engineering crowd but we had to try :)

Embed an image - handy way of grabbing a piece of code to put your own or your favorite models to your website or blog.

We also fixed a bunch of bugs, "no results" search page is not so empty any more, you'll soon be getting a weekly update email with statistics about your files (you can opt out, of course).

That's it. We'll make this sort of "release notes" post a regular thing.


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