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10 ways GrabCADrs can increase productivity with Solid Edge

Guest post by Dan Staples, VP Mainstream Engineering, Siemens:

Did you know that Solid Edge was one of the first CAD systems to allow users to publish directly to the GrabCAD public library? How about that Solid Edge was also one of the first to be able to publish to private Workbench projects? Want to know something else? Here are 10 resources Solid Edge users can use to improve your skills and productivity.

Solid Mastermind Solid Edge Resource

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Solid Edge Tutorial Winners

Congratulations to all engineers who participated in the Solid Edge tutorial challenge. Here are the 10 engineers who each earned $50 with the best tutorials (with feedback from the jury)!

1. GrabCAD engineer Marek with "Solid Edge Frame Tutorial"

"A nice tutorial showing the feature Frame Design in detail with proper selection of tools with its 2D drawing." - Dev Raut

"Very well done, accent to "step by step" process." - Ivan Stojicic

2. GrabCAD engineer Grant Holohan with "How to Link an excel file to a solid-edge part"

"Nice tutorial showing how to link excel file to a part to make changes in its parameters. This is very useful to make a library of similar part with reference to its mating part, without creating new part every time." - Dev Raut

"A powerful technique for design customization." - Ali

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Rendering has never been so easy

Creating photorealistic images with CAD software has never been so easy as it is today. Four, five years ago it took at least half an hour of lights adjustment, shadow placement and texture selection to get a decent image of any CAD model that you wanted to present. But now everything is so much easier that one might even say the line between a designer and an engineer is getting finer and finer.
In the past few years I have mainly been using Solid Edge for modeling and rendering, however, for the last three months I've given a go with SolidWorks 2010 and I must say that the rendering tools have come a long way. For an engineer who wants to show his model in a more realistic way, yet doesn't want to spend all afternoon on it the PhotoView 360 is a perfect tool. Select the background, choose the materials and lighting and voila, you are all set. This image here took me about 4 minutes to create. Concidering that I have used PhotoView only 5-6 times this is not bad at all.

Rendered images look so much better than simple screenshots, so I will definitely try to use these in the future when uploading files to the library.

Just plan to upgrade your computer every now and then as the new rendering tools will definitely use 120 percent and more of the available capacity...

3D spread to masses

Great post from Solidsmack where Josh discuss about 3D and it's spread in future.

There is also poll- when did you start modeling in 3D ?
My first touch with 3D software was in High school (3DStudio Max) and with 3D CAD software in University (Solid Edge version 9)

Josh about The Gap Shrink:

Out of all the years I’ve noticed 3D becoming more and more prominent, 2009 is standing out as one of the biggest transition years. To make it easy, I’m just gonna say 2010 is the milestone for 3D moving into mass popularity

As we mentioned in this post we have seen same trend in 2009

It seems that thanks to Google Sketchup more and more people who are not familiar with professional engineering CAD software’s (PTC, AutoCAD, …) are using Sketchup not just for fun but for actual bits and pieces that need to be manufactured. Users have uploaded files from small barrows to big buildings.