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What’s Influencing Today’s Trends In Manufacturing Technology?

Manufacturing is no longer simply about making physical items and transferring X from A to B. Changes in global consumer demand with more emphasis on customization, engagement, speed to market, quick delivery, coupled with modifications to the economics of production, and the shifting supply chain have all resulted in a fundamental shift in the way most companies do business.

Indeed, the line between consumer and creator continues to blur and only time will tell how far this amalgamation goes.
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What 2013 was Supposed to Look like (according to 2003), and other Predictions.

A lot of what we see in our GrabCAD feeds is really what the future looks like. I'm not talking about large-scale private collaborations to make incredible designs (Solidwork City, for example). I'm talking about Futuristic Tractors, Cars, Bikes and Airplanes. And as it turns out, in 2003,  Sonia Zjawinski wrote down her predictions in Wired Magazine. And she got pretty close – but she never saw GrabCAD coming!


A wearable iPhone? Complete with touchscreen? It never happened the way it was expected, but Apple made a phone in the end. I'm glad they didn't make an wristband version though....

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Will CAD move to the cloud?

CAD on the Cloud

We created LinkedIn Q&A about the hottest topic in the CAD world at the moment:

"CAD on the cloud".

What do you think - will it move to cloud and are you happy about it? Leave a comment here or post it on LinkedIn Q&A