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6 Tips On Getting Funding for Your Engineering Research

Research is essential for advancement. However, finding proper funding for it is hard. Most researchers need it - doctoral students, postgraduates, senior researchers and so on.

Even though governments and charities offer money, there are still too many researchers for that funding to be enough. That’s why you need to learn to find and apply for funding on your own. Here is how:

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PhotoView 360 rendering tips: make them more interesting!

PhotoView 360 is a great photorealistic rendering platform that is built right into SolidWorks. I have been using it for nearly 10 years professionally, and believe it is the best option for rendering any non-organic object. This article is a continuation of an older post here on GrabCAD, and is focused more on how to use some of the more advanced tools to make better scenes, more interesting compositions, and more dramatic lighting.

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Project Spotlight: PinforGC Team show open engineering principles at work

One of the best things about GrabCAD is that it brings professionals together to help them further their career or bring their designs into actuality. We have a special project to spotlight, which isn't just one design but a group of GrabCADrs coming together to form the PinforGC Team. Find out who they are, how they met, and their advice for their fellow engineers and designers.

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Make your SolidWorks CAD model a tutorial

It’s easier than ever to teach others with your SolidWorks CAD models thanks to the GrabCAD Library. Many engineers and students download others’ work to see how something was created. Walking step-by-step through a CAD model offers invaluable information on design and CAD skills. It helps the engineer downloading create better designs the next time they work or use best practices more. By recording your thoughts as you build, or after the fact, you get to preserve your design decisions and give back to the engineering community at the same time.

Football Helmet SolidWorks Rendering STEP / IGES Other By Jordan Tadic

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10 tips for successful outsourcing

Outsourcing CAD and engineering services sounds like too much of a hassle, there are the technical aspects, specifications plus normal concerns related to using outside help for certain functions of the company.

However, the fundamental points of what’s important in outsourcing are the same no matter the area and industry. Making outsourcing work isn’t rocket science. Here are my top 10 tips for successful outsourcing.

Construction scene

#1. Know your reason to outsource.

Knowing and remember whether if you outsource to save money, to focus on core competence, to balance out seasonal highs and lows? Remember your reason as this will help you later answer questions like "How much can I pay for it?" and "Is outsourcing solving my problem?"

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Reminder to engineers: tip about uploading assemblies

Quick reminder to all engineers who upload models into our CAD library. When uploading assemblies please check that you upload the component and sub-assembly files as well. The assembly file (usually the file extension contains ASM in it) itself is useless to other engineers if they don't get the components that are part of this specific assembly.

Fastest way is to create a .zip package of all the files that belong to the assembly (including the assembly file itself) and then upload this zip file - that makes everyone happy :)

If you’re using SolidWorks then you can also use our SolidWorks plugin to upload straight from within the software. Handy, really.