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Challenge Results: Meet the Winning RoboSavvy Humanoid Design

Robosavvy found so many fresh ideas for their new humanoid robot design from GrabCADrs. This design is supposed to look great, be agile, and give for entertainment and educational value to users, a worthy Challenge that our Community was eager to solve. They are now set to launch this new open-source humanoid robot with hopes of making it at a reasonable cost.

Joshua Chung, Winner of RoboSavvy Humanoid Design Challenge on GrabCAD

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Why does my account say it was blocked?

If other users report your models or posts as against the Community Code of Conduct, then you will get a message at the top of your page. Please contact our Community Manager,, with questions or requests to lift the block on your account. We take each report seriously and know that this block may be a mistake.

What is the GrabCAD Score and how is it calculated?

GrabCAD Score helps you get to know our site as a freshly joined member. It is meant to reflect your activity on GrabCAD. You can improve your GrabCAD score by producing fun, educational, or masterful models or tutorials. We encourage you to try out all the features in GrabCAD! Getting your first points is easy:

  • Your first download of a model will give you +3 points.
  • Your first like of someone’s model is another +5 points.
  • Follow your first engineer to receive +10 points.
  • Leave your first comment to a model, question, tutorial or anything to add another +15 points.
  • Your first upload of a model gives a big jump of +40 points!
  • Your first question you ask gives you +5 points.
  • Your first answer on anyone’s question gives you another +10 points.
  • Your first tutorial is a great way to give back to the community and gives you +20 points!

Then it gets more challenging. To continue increasing your GrabCAD Score, you need to add quality contributions to the community and get positive feedback from your peers.

  • You receive points when someone likes your model.
  • You receive points when someone says, ‘It worked’ in Q&A and Tutorials.
  • Ideas for other actions that should receive points? Send us feedback at

If you are reported with our new engineer flag button, we will notify you via private message. Each reported case undergoes close inspection and includes a dialog with concerned members. We take reports very seriously and will remove any content or users that do not comply with our Terms of Service.

What if I find my models on another site?

If you see your work from GrabCAD posted without a link to your original work or without your name, then please contact the admin or support for that site. We recommend including on that email and including URLs of the offending posts along with your models on GrabCAD. We respect and appreciate every model uploaded to GrabCAD and will do our very best to have your work removed or properly represented.