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The Top Industrial Robotic Arms from the GrabCAD Community

Hey Everyone, Kesa Lynch here, GrabCAD’s Community Manager, and I'm back again with our favorite Robotics Arm CAD Models that have been posted to the GrabCAD Community Library!

Robotic arms are pretty important in the industrial and manufacturing industry. Industrial robotic arms can do anything from material handling to welding. The best part is not only are the robotic arms strong for industrial and manufacturing jobs -- but these arms are also precise and fast.
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The Best Technology and Design Podcasts to Listen To

Tech and Design PodcastsLast week we released the Best 3D Printing & Engineering Podcasts to Listen To. This week, we are excited to release the top tech and design podcasts to try.

So if you're in a design rut, or need tech inspiration, hopefully these podcasts will help!



As tech innovators seek to innovate to make our lives run smoother, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to imminent policy shifts that may impact those very innovations. Hosted by The App Association, “TechSwamp,” gives a unique insider’s perspective on the tech industry.
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My Summer Project: Rainbow Horse Zoetrope Lamp on the Stratasys J750

I love animation, antiques, photons, trigonometry, and the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. How to bring them all together in one project? 3D-printing!

I was inspired by this 3D-printed sundial to develop a voxel slicer that can slice a hollow cylinder to approximate a zoetrope.

For subject matter I went with the classic zoetrope trope: Eadweard Muybridge's galloping horse. And obviously rainbows as well because they are awesome.
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The 10 Design Schools to Attend Around the World

Design affects everything we do and shapes how we experience the world as we know it, and design degrees cater to the diversity of this creative and wide ranging field. At any design school, you will be encouraged to develop your own creative and unique design style, in whatever discipline that may be – ranging from web design and graphic design to product design and additive manufacturing.

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How design democratization leads to graphical commoditization

When you associate the state of CAD graphics to an alien conspiracy it just might incite a cheer, conversely perhaps a bit of rage, or in the very best case thoughtful commentary from a lagomorph well versed in computational geometry. The crux of my original article was not to convict or condemn, but rather to warn that the continually evolving CAD universe, and by association professional CAD graphics, is on the precipice of something here unto unforeseen and unimagined. It might seem like the end of all things. Something disconcerting enough that a forlorn and distraught Samwise Gamgee might longingly implore, "Don't professional graphics matter, Mr. Frodo?" For which our brave hobbit might reply: "They do Sam, they do. But not for me."

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Meet CEO Hardi Meybaum And Get A Signed Copy of “The Art of Product Design” on June 11

Quick reminder - Hardi will be doing a book signing at the Boston Marketbot store on June 11.  Stop by to pick up a signed copy of "The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made" and meet the author.

Hardi_Meybaum_blog2"The Art of Product Design: Changing the Way Things Are Made", published by Wiley and available from Amazon and other booksellers, describes how the digital revolution is changing the way products are designed and made.  Hardi describes how online communities,  crowdsourcing, rapid prototyping and new collaboration tools make it easier than ever to design great products, and along the way shares examples of individuals and companies who are making this revolution happen.  One of those companies is Makerbot.  Here's a link to the Marketbot announcement with more details.