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The “Perfect” Cup of Coffee: The Project Cycle

Let me admit something up front: I didn’t start drinking coffee until I turned 40.

In our current caffeinated society, where 32-ounce morning coffee thermoses are the norm, this must sound pretty backwards or maybe unsophisticated. Truth be told, I thought coffee tasted bitter and had an acidy aftertaste. Unless I put so much sugar and milk into my coffee that it started tasting like coffee ice cream, I wouldn’t drink it.

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To Manage, or Not to Manage, From the Perspective of a NASA Engineer

When my first engineering internship turned into a full-time job after graduation, my supervisor called me in for a chat. He wanted to talk about possible opportunities in the company, and give me some advice based on his experiences. When he asked me where I saw myself in five to six years, I told him I expected to be in management. I didn’t have the gall to say it to his face, but basically I figured I wanted his job.

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Engineering career advice: so you want to jump industries?

So perhaps you've stared at aircraft floor beams, or HVAC condensers, or oversized pipeline fittings for the last ten years. As you stare longingly into the window of the break room microwave, not noticing that your hot pocket is starting to suffer radiation burns, you realize that for whatever reason, you're in a rut. Maybe you're no longer growing in your position, or the company feels different, or maybe it's you that's different. What to do... So you want to jump industries, eh? Well there's no time like the present. Jump. Jump now. But please try to mind the bottomless pit below.

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