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Is the Solid State Battery Revolution Right Around the Corner?

One of the biggest weaknesses of electric cars is the limits of lithium-ion batteries. Some EV advocates get bent out of shape about this fact, but it’s absolutely true. Most consumers have second thoughts about buying an all-electric vehicle when they learn that even with rapid charging options, which they likely won’t have at home, the car needs to stay plugged in for about half an hour or longer just to achieve an 80 percent charge.

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Frozen Fuel Economy Standards Could Lead to Less Automotive Innovation

The Trump administration is following through with promises to cut back on vehicle fuel efficiency standards installed under the Obama administration, known as CAFE. The CAFE standards mean that by 2025 fuel efficiency for an automaker’s fleet will need to average 50 mpg. While ditching CAFE has excited a fair amount of performance enthusiasts, the fact is they and everyone else should be concerned about what could and likely will follow.

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When the Success of the Job Requires It: 3D Printing for Prototyping, Tooling and Jig Design in the Automotive Sector

"Be ready to revise any system, scrap any method, abandon any theory, if the success of the job requires it,” said Henry Ford in 1923.

The automotive industry requires it and 3D printing, by turning designs into solutions, is used for rapid tooling and jig and fixture design in remarkable ways. It may be fulfilling Ford's prophecy.  

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Tesla Still Facing Ups and Downs as Auto Industry Watches

California automaker Tesla stirs up controversy and generates a lot of interest from fans as well as critics. Recent events make the future of the company look a little uncertain. Naturally, critics like Bob Lutz (the former GM executive) are foretelling Tesla’s doom, while fans say this is a consequence of making the most revolutionary cars ever.

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