3D Printing Proves an Edge in Auto Racing

We already know that 3D printing is continuing to show excellent promise in a number of fields, but you might not be aware that it’s gaining traction in the world of automotive racing. Perhaps the most famous example comes from a partnership between Stratasys and Team Penske. While there are others exploring the possibilities, what makes this case so phenomenal is the comprehensive approach. That, and it doesn’t hurt that Team Penske just wins constantly. When you’re the champ everyone wants to know your secrets. Read more

How 3D Pens Can Make Classroom Learning More Fun

Classroom education isn't just about textbooks and green boards anymore. There's so much more one can learn, understand and adapt to in a classroom, and that's why education is a much more fun and experiential process today. That being said, classroom learning doesn't always have to be boring or mundane either. There are several tools and gadgets that professors can use to enhance the experience and make it much more fun and engaging. Read more

Koenigsegg and Rimac: Two Little Automakers Making a Big Impact

Two small automakers have engaged in guerilla warfare in the auto industry. Koenigsegg and Rimac both have humble roots and are still tiny compared to larger competitors, yet they’re pushing forward with some amazing innovations. Haven’t heard of either one? Or, have you heard the names but don’t know much about them? Read on to learn what impact these two companies are making and where they might be heading. Read more

Smart Roads: Highways of the Future

From driverless cars to commercial space travel, technological innovations in the transportation world are moving fast and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is hitting the road too – welcome to the concept of Smart Roads. Road and traffic system advances implemented through “smart roads” are starting to play an increasingly important role in such modernization, and for good reason. The US road network alone exceeds 6.58 million km, or 17,947 square miles of land. By 2035, there’s expected to be 2 billion cars on the road worldwide – double the estimated 2010 figure. Read more