The Best Technology and Design Podcasts to Listen To

Last week we released the Best 3D Printing & Engineering Podcasts to Listen To. This week, we are excited to release the top tech and design podcasts to try. So if you're in a design rut, or need tech inspiration, hopefully these podcasts will help! Technology TechSwamp As tech innovators seek to innovate to make our lives run smoother, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to imminent policy shifts that may impact those very innovations. Hosted by The App Association, “TechSwamp,” gives a unique insider’s perspective on the tech industry. Read more

My Summer Project: Rainbow Horse Zoetrope Lamp on the Stratasys J750

I love animation, antiques, photons, trigonometry, and the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. How to bring them all together in one project? 3D-printing! I was inspired by this 3D-printed sundial to develop a voxel slicer that can slice a hollow cylinder to approximate a zoetrope. For subject matter I went with the classic zoetrope trope: Eadweard Muybridge's galloping horse. And obviously rainbows as well because they are awesome. Read more

3D Printing is the Affordable Housing Solution in Some Regions

As 3D technology continues to grow and expand, we continue to see its remarkable benefits and how it solves a myriad of problems. One such issue is affordable housing. In some nations, populations are greater than the capacity of housing. But what further complicates the socioeconomic equation is that economies don’t always support citizens from having suitable homes of their own. Homes in places like Asia and South America can be too expensive, given the dynamics of supply and demand. Read more

3D Printing In the Aerospace Industry

One of the first industries to invest in large scale 3D printing was the aerospace industry. Aerospace – the branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space flight – has been evolving and adopting the technology as early as the 1980s. Read more

Fictiv: The Rapid Prototyping Solution Startups Love

We've talked about 3D printing your product prototype and how with the right team and software, you can do it yourself! However, when you need to mass produce your prototype, it's time to check out your options. Prototyping and manufacturing your new product are two key steps in the process of going from idea to selling-and-shipping. For entrepreneurs, startups and small vendors, a likely option will be to outsource. The process of finding, vetting and selecting a manufacturer, however, can be daunting and fraught: Read more