Fictiv: The Rapid Prototyping Solution Startups Love

We've talked about 3D printing your product prototype and how with the right team and software, you can do it yourself! However, when you need to mass produce your prototype, it's time to check out your options. Prototyping and manufacturing your new product are two key steps in the process of going from idea to selling-and-shipping. For entrepreneurs, startups and small vendors, a likely option will be to outsource. The process of finding, vetting and selecting a manufacturer, however, can be daunting and fraught: Read more

How 3D Printing Helps the U.S. Military

We often hear how numerous sectors of our world economy are using 3D printing in manufacturing and it's important to highlight that the military is quickly embracing 3D printing as well. All branches of the service are utilizing 3D printing in manifold ways to produce many different things in widely different applications. In fact, 3D printing helps the military gain a significant war fighting advantage and provide direct support to troops in the field. Dr. Philip Perconti, Director of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, said in a recent article that the Army is at the vanguard of using 3D printing to aid troops in the battlefield and help deployed soldiers become self-sufficient in remote areas. Read more

6 Million Member Series: Tommy Mueller

We are so excited to be celebrating our 6 million member milestone. As a result, we wanted to feature some of our most engaging and passionate members. To start, we are recognizing Tommy Mueller. Essentially, I ride that blurred edge between 3D art and 3D engineering.” -- Tommy Mueller Tommy has been a member since June 2012! Over the years, Tommy has uploaded two-hundred models, generated close to 600 followers and just under five-thousand likes! But that’s not why we’re celebrating Tommy. We’re recognizing Tommy for having the most badges in the Community: Read more

How 3D Printing Is Helping Arthritis Patients

3D printing is rapidly gaining a reputation as a tool to aid the medical community as well as the patients they treat. For people with arthritis and the physicians who treat them, 3D printing is gaining reputation as an efficient, precise, and cost-effective solution in many ways. Read more

6 Million Member Series: Juarez Felipe Jr

To celebrate our 6 million member milestone, we want to feature some of our most engaging and passionate members. For our second edition, we are recognizing Juarez Felipe Jr. Juarez has been a member since September 2011! Over the years, Juarez has uploaded over a thousand models, eight tutorials, and generated over thirty-seven thousand Likes. But that’s not why we’re celebrating Juarez. We’re recognizing Juarez for having the most followers in the Community, reaching over nine thousand followers! Read more