GrabCAD connects CAD engineers and manufacturing companies

We help companies and individuals tap into the global pool of engineering talent by offering fast and reliable CAD services. GrabCAD matches the client project to the best available engineer based on their skill and rating, gives efficient online project management tools, ensures the quality of the work and takes care of the payment to the engineer.

GrabCAD gives everyone access to on-demand engineering resources. In return we take commission from every order made.


Hardi Meybaum, CEO
Restless executer, engineering world expert with a strong network of contacts in the field, experienced in services, sales, IT in general.
Twitter: hardi_meybaum

Indrek Narusk, CTO
Our CAD guru and a talented engineer, understands the finest details of software, processes and clients. Brains behind ranking our engineers and automating steps in the order flow.
Phone: 372-5664-6247
Skype: inarusk

Siim Teller, CPO
Skype veteran (managed a 35 million visitor per month website) with 10 years of experience building web services, products and communities.
Skype: teller
Twitter: @teller