GrabCAD is hiring!

GrabCAD has three locations we call home: Cambridge, MA, Tallinn, Estonia, and Cambridge, UK. Two are famous hubs for CAD and one is leading the EU in technology initiatives. So, yeah, they’re pretty great places to live and work.

We are continuous learners who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

We are true team players who are passionate about providing simple solutions for our customers’ complex problems. We are proud in the usability of our product and take risks in a traditional industry to solve problems with a fresh, design-focused perspective.

Our dream is to help designers and engineers build innovative products faster.

With a sister company like Makerbot and a parent company like Stratasys, we are able to 3D print toys for our kids and hacks for the office. We also get to enjoy doodling, bowling, laser tagging, skiing, and all the other fun ideas our team members dream up. Join us!

Join our Engineering team

Working and playing at GrabCAD

Delight customers

Max knows how serious cravings can get, so when a customer wished for some Cheetos (see our hack, below) he jumped into action and planned a nice care package for him with a few other employees. Complete with a Grabby the bot sticker and a wish-granted stamp, this delivery put a smile on a hungry engineer’s face. Now that’s what we call going above and beyond!

Bring your special sauce

We strongly believe what you love should be a part of your work, too. Blake loves all things geometry. It’s his special sauce. He brings this passion to GrabCAD by adding beautiful 3D shape decorations for the space above our desks, making sure every 3D viewer experience wows our users, and by sharing the custom geometric design he created for all the pieces in his wedding.

Push it, p-push it real good

Our engineers enjoy the benefits of continuous deployment and working in autonomous scrum teams. They also like to be creative and work on projects they think are worthwhile outside of normal day to day sprints. A great example of this is the ‘I wish this page’ button which appears on most GrabCAD pages. This quick, effective hackathon project keeps us connected to our members all the time.

Tell it like it is

Taking risks and experimenting with new ideas means some projects will fail. Every person on our team knows to ask for help and talk about challenges with their team. When you make a mistake, say sorry. When you see something failing, see it as a challenge you can overcome with the support of those around you.

Make your team better

We know each other really well and that helps us work creatively and efficiently as a team. Our team events where we have run through the woods with a GPS, filmed movies in a day, and worked across three countries to find a hidden prize have taught us who to go to when we need help and how to get things done together. The sauna, golf, batting cages, BBQs and such were pretty fun, too. That doesn’t even cover the events where family and friends are invited!

If you don't see any positions that fit your skill set, but you would still like to apply, feel free to fill out this general application and we will let you know when a position opens up that we think you would be a good fit for!