Meet the New GrabCAD Mobile App

We are excited to roll out an update for our mobile app! We have redesigned our app from the ground up. In this release we have included support for iPhone as well as iPad. Now you will be able to browse the latest and most popular models in the GrabCAD library from your mobile device. You can view renderings in the project and see project details. In projects we have added the ability to participate in conversations while you are on the go with easy-to-post comments. What else can you do?

New GrabCAD Mobile App for iPhone and iPadNew GrabCAD Mobile App for iOS

GrabCAD Workbench Goes Mobile

Workbench on our mobile app allows you to access your CAD projects anywhere you are. Now you will also have your public and Workbench projects available through the app as well. You can now see updates on your projects as well as contribute to the conversation. We have also added the ability to upload photos right from your phone. Take a picture of a part or a quick napkin sketch and attach it to a project.

Introducing Our In App 3D Viewer

Finally, in this release we introduce our in app 3D viewer. This viewer works just like the great 3D viewer on the web. For the first time you will be able to see your projects and open 3D files from the app. This is a huge leap forward for CAD and for the people who are involved in building great products. In Workbench, when you upload a CAD file you will be able to view the file on your mobile app and can even download it to your mobile device for offline viewing. We will be rolling out the ability to view 3D files to the community in the next few months.

Android App Coming Soon, Send Us Feedback

We hope you enjoy this new app and we will be continuing to add features! We want to hear from you and what you like about the app, you can submit wishes through the app via the "I wish this screen" feature. Also keep your eyes open for an Android app in the next few months.

Andrew Rosenblatt
GrabCAD Mobile Developer

  • william

    Well we have been waiting a long time for this update to this APP…

    Now this has put a little :) on my face, will put it to test tomorrow. Hope it is everything that I and many others have been waiting for within this new update!!!


  • Very, very cool. It shows the materials and colors in the 3D viewer on iPad2, mobile 3D is here. This is awesome development, a little trouble with scrolling on the project pages, other than that, it’s a polished app with a load of new features! Good stuff.

  • Peeter Loomus

    Will be the one waiting for a android version :)

  • Robert Voogt

    May I give my 2 cents?

    1) I cannot log in because of the fact that I log in with my google account. That option is not available yet.

    2) It is not possible (yet) to search for CAD models.

  • Jonny P. Johnston

    Definitely need an Android app. Maybe it should been released first. :-)

  • jean pierre richards

    is grabcad in the process of making an app for android ?

    • But of course! Stay tuned here and we’ll post something when we launch it!

  • Andy Scriven

    Issue when viewing my project renders. All come up as the same image. Anyone else had this? Apart from that nice app! :)

  • Aldonk

    I agree with Jon John, android should have been first as it is a much faster and more powerful system in the tablets, Asus quad core, 1920×1080 res. Does wonders with rotating rendered models. Cant wait.

  • Mohamadgh

    Its good,but why its just for ios6? I have ipad 1 with ios5 and i cant use this.please make this for ios 5 and up in next update.

  • soad

    I downloaded the android version of grabcad from google play but there I cannot see my workbench projects. What is wrong?

    • H there, I’m sorry for your trouble! You should sign up for a Workbench trial on the first. The Workbench sign up inside the Android app itself had a glitch this morning, and should be fixed in a few days. Hope this helps!

  • Michael Corsetto

    Hello! I have heard that the iOS app is not compatible with iOS 11. Can you update the app or make it open source so the app can be compatible with future iOS versions? I use the app a lot and would hate to see it break.