What’s new in Workbench: The reliability of Product Data Management (PDM) without the cost, complexity and exclusivity

It’s time to check back in on all of the cool new feature releases we’ve pushed your way over the last month. And what a month it’s been!  This week we announced new functionalities in Workbench launching it as the premier Collaborative Product Development solution. What’s that mean? Let’s take a look.


Keep your files and your team up to date.

GrabCAD Workbench for PC (currently free and in Beta) is a new desktop app that helps you and your collaborators stay on the same page. It lets you sync the CAD files on your computer with your Workbench project. You’ll know what needs updating and if there are any conflicts. This ensures you don’t waste time duplicating each other’s work or working on the wrong version of a file.

Protect your team from working on the same file at the same time.

For additional prevention of collaborators overwriting each other’s files, Workbench offers file locking. You’ll instantly see if someone else on the team has locked a file for editing. Unlike most PDM and PLM tools that police your access, you do have the option to unlock a file that someone else has locked.  Just send them a quick note that you are unlocking it and why, and they will be notified.

file locking

Visualization tools let you quickly and easily see version changes.

3D model compare in Workbench lets you overlay versions and then highlights any differences between them. It is the fastest way to assess what has been added or removed from the model so you can quickly make a comment on the edit or carry on with your own edits.

3d model compare

Simple release process so different collaborators only see what you want them to.

Partner spaces in Workbench let you release a specific version to specific people, like suppliers or customers. You can share what you want them to have access to while hiding what they don’t need to see. Partner spaces are perfect if you want to get client feedback or request a quote from a supplier without handing over your IP.

workbench partner space

Get started with Workbench in under 3 minutes.

These features were released in beta form and we’ll be adding additional capabilities over the next several months. During the beta period, these features are free!

Because Workbench is a cloud-based solution, there’s no need to set up or maintain a server, and no need for ongoing IT support.You can get started in less than 3 minutes by simply linking your desktop files to a Workbench project.

Want to learn more about file management and Workbench?

Join us for a live webinar December 3: What can CAD File Management do for your team? presented by Blake Courter with Q&A.

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  • http://marcpolizzi.free.fr/cft/ Marc

    Great news,
    I am very happy for this news viewer.
    For measuring, some fonction must be add (for measuring hold to hold, point to plan, …) but it’s very nice to have a free viewer of volumic part (step, catpart, …)
    Thank :o)

    • http://grabcad.com Jon Stevenson

      Thanks for your input. We are indeed working to improve our measuring tool. Please send your requirements to me at jon at grabcad.com

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