Top 5 Workbench features you may have missed and are going to love

Today I wanted to recap five of my favorite lesser-known GrabCAD Workbench features- ones that you may have missed. I myself found them while making tutorials on other topics. (FYI: These videos and tutorials are now all available on our new resource center video section.)

restore CAD files

I’ve enjoyed being able to work on Workbench video tutorials because they are valuable resources for our users. In 2 minutes or less I try to show engineers and designers how Workbench features will improve the way they collaborate internally with their engineering team, as well as with external collaborators like clients, suppliers and manufacturers.

So to help you get even more out of Workbench, and do your job even better, let’s check them out.

5. Upload files directly to Workbench from your Android device

Workbench AndroidLet’s say you’re out and about on your mobile device and you get an email with a file attached that has to do with one of your Workbench projects.

It’s important to update your team. Users that have the GrabCAD mobile app can simply click on the file to upload it directly to a Workbench project, sharing the file and notifying project collaborators.

Why you’ll love it: You can easily collaborate from anywhere.



4. Toolbox apps...Autodesk, Lagoa and Keyshot OH MY!

If you haven’t checked out Toolbox recently, where we host 3rd party applications, you’re missing out on some cool apps.

Workbench Toolbox

In the past month alone we’ve launched Workbench integration with Lagoa, a cloud rendering tool, IronCAD, a design collaboration suite, and Workbench for PC, which lets you sync your desktop files directly with your Workbench projects.

Why you’ll love it: You can edit CAD and create photorealistic renderings directly on Workbench.

What apps would you like to see on Toolbox?

3. Reply to project comments through email notifications

Workbench sends you project email notifications when collaborators make changes or updates. Nothing new there. But we thought there would be some cases when you don’t want to log into Workbench just to reply to a comment. So now you can reply directly to notifications through email. Your Workbench project thread will update with your reply, just as if you had logged in.

Why you'll love it: You don’t have to log into Workbench when it’s inconvenient.

2. Version compare any of your models

You probably already know you can compare different file versions using 3D model compare (if you didn’t, read this blog). But let’s say you get an updated file from a manufacturer or supplier with a different filename, not a different version.

We find this happens fairly often with our users. So based on your feedback you can now compare any models in your project side by side, regardless of version.

CAD version compare

You’ll notice above we are comparing Assem1.SLDASM version 2 to version 11 of Waterfalls.stp.

Why you’ll love it: You can visualize model updates side by side in seconds.

1. Restore deleted files with Workbench for PC

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file? We’ve all been there! Workbench has a new elegant solution to help you restore those files.

Once you have Workbench for PC mapped to a desktop folder, you can restore entire folders to their previous state with one click. (Watch below)

Why you’ll love it: You can fix your (or your team’s) mistakes with a single click!

Were the features I listed new to you? Do you have any you think I should add?