Great news! GrabCAD Workbench is free.

Today we’re happy to announce that GrabCAD Workbench is now free for all users. Beginning immediately (that means right now), engineering teams of all sizes can share and manage CAD files effortlessly.


Why have we returned to the free model? Simple. We’d like for everyone everywhere to use Workbench. Here’s Hardi:

Our goal with this change is to reach more people. Returning to the free model of Workbench will increase the speed of adoption and support uninhibited product design collaboration. We are excited to supply every engineer with a free solution that enables rapid iteration on design concepts, mobile access to designs, and generally increases the speed and quality of the design process.

Nothing is changing about the product (other than the price tag).  All the features you love - from desktop sync to file locking to easy markups - are still there.  And in case you were wondering about the future, we're still committed to Workbench as the tool of choice for CAD collaboration.  Stay tuned for future enhancements!

You can register for free at

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  • Definitely going to share this around the world!
    Workbench is something everyone needs!!

    • …passed the news along to three clients already!

  • Peter Anderson


  • Hector Becerra

    Wow, awesome.

  • Chris

    for how long?

    • Rob Stevens

      There’s no plan to change back to paid.

  • Wow. This is great. I am in the middle of the free 14-day trial, too. I once worked for one of the major PLM giants as a technical leader and this is great stuff. This is huge!

  • Alex

    This sounds really great! …where is the catch? Or what is your gain with this approach? Are you planning on switching back to payed version once everyone is on board? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see this becoming a community project.

    • Rob Stevens

      Hi Alex –

      We’re not planning to make money from Workbench. As you may know, GrabCAD was acquired by Stratasys last year, and since then our mission has changed. Now that we’re part of a larger company we’re focused on reaching more engineers to build awareness and engagement.

      Really, no catch!

      • furius

        this sounds really good … and also so strange to believe … maybe will this bring some drawback to existing pro users? (I’m not one of them though) … for example this will probably create a big number of users and data to manage and probably some feature will become slower (I uploaded more then one hour ago a new SolidWorks assembly and it’s taking so long to be ready in the 3D viewer …) …

  • Dan

    This sounds great, what is the longer term plan for pricing?

    • Rob Stevens


      As I mentioned above, we don’t plan to make money from Workbench. We’re part of a larger company now and have a different role to play.

  • Paul Rob

    Is there going to be a cap on uploaded data? The old free version only allowed 1GB of storage.
    Does this mean that everyone gets the former Enterprise features for free as well?

    • Rob Stevens


      There’s no cap on uploaded data. We’re not offering the full set of Enterprise features, though. It’s basically the Pro plan with unlimited storage.

  • My CAD data is private, right? Are activities in the projects being collected for a study?

    • Rob Stevens

      Carlos, your data is private – you can see our exact terms in our terms of service at We are not doing anything nefarious or surprising with the data.