Workbench Professional world domination: a blog roundup

Last week we unleashed a new and improved GrabCAD Workbench on the PDM/PLM world - taking Collaborative Product Development (CPD) to the next level. Here's a look at the reactions to Workbench Professional coming out of beta, the SolidWorks add-in, a neutral file translator and more.

solidworks addin GrabCAD Workbench, Expanding Its Influence Across the Known World

Rome wasn't built in a day.  As a matter of fact, it took centuries for Rome to conquer the known world. GrabCAD, too, is out to conquer the known world, but it's not taking nearly as long...

And today marks another capstone in the journey to world domination. GrabCAD released from beta testing its file management features that allow for collaborative product development (CPD)...

But that's not all.  New features are added to Workbench as well. GrabCAD has released a SolidWorks add-in. Now, SolidWorks users can upload and download files right from within their CAD system. The SolidWorks diocese is just the first to integrate due to the shear number of plebs members.  Members from sects outside of SolidWorks can still use the existing Workbench tools as well as the new neutral file translator.  (Although someday, I'm sure, we'll all be speaking the same language.)

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GfxSpeak: GrabCAD Workbench Pro exits beta as a Collaborative Product Data solution

What started as “GitHub for 3D” and a community of designers has become a legitimate SaaS collaborative product data tool for small groups.

Today engineers and product designers want to take advantage of mobile, social, and cloud technologies in their work the same way they do in their leisure time. “In the software world, workflow has changed drastically,” notes GrabCAD’s Rob Stevens. “There is reuse, collaboration, open access, and bringing in knowledge from many places; there is a new product development velocity.” With more than 1 million members using GrabCAD as well as their favorite mechanical CAD product, the sharing community becomes a significant base for Workbench Pro to become a leading CPD tool.

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TenLinks: GrabCAD Ships Workbench Pro, Adds SolidWorks Add-in

In November GrabCAD launched the beta version of Workbench as a complete platform for collaborative product development (CPD) enabling users to manage and share CAD models with zero IT investment. Since then, more than 20,000 Workbench users have been able to automatically sync their desktop files to cloud projects, lock files, manage file versions, visualize version differences, resolve conflicts and more.

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DesignWorld: GrabCAD Workbench Rolls out New CAD File Management Features

GrabCAD Workbench now also offers a SolidWorks add-in and neutral file translator, opening up even more options in file types for users. Workbench users can now upload and download files as well as resolve conflicts from within SolidWorks. According to the company, SolidWorks was chosen to be the first CAD program supported, because it is the most popular among current Workbench users. Support for other CAD systems is in the works.

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GrabCAD might have been your favorite hub for cool 3D models but has become so much more with their new “collaboration/Dropbox on steriods” Workbench feature.

...It is awesome when someone decides to push the envelope and challenge the way we all work. GrabCAD has decided to do this! Success always comes when you step outside your comfort zone. So if you haven’t go test it out!

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Whew… what a busy week in the cloud. GrabCAD started the week off on Tuesday by announcing Workbench is now out of beta. GrabCAD boasts Workbench has more than 20,000 registered users. That’s an impressive number for just losing the beta label. Workbench still has all the great features that made it 20,000 strong…

…but it also comes with a surprise set of new functionality. Workbench now can be used directly from within your native CAD application. Workbench uploads , downloads and resolves conflicts within your CAD application. GrabCAD is first supporting SolidWorks with this functionality since they say it’s the most popular on GrabCAD. I do know SolidWorks makes up the lion share of CAD files on GrabCAD, but possibly this is because the alternatives are lacking for what the users really desire. Workbench also touts a generic CAD file format translator to export your designs to STEP, IGES or STL.

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Check out what all the fuss is about for yourself - learn more about GrabCAD Workbench Professional and try it out!

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