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Fusion 360 Key For Concept Design: An Interview With Aurel Estidial

One of the early adopters of the integration between Workbench and Fusion 360 is Aurel Estidial, creator of Microgeneration Concepts. The objective of Microgeneration Concepts is to design energy conversion systems for small scale power generation. Aurel is a huge advocate of open source projects so the open engineering capabilities of Workbench naturally caught his attention.


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Good Gets Better – Now You Can Import Directly From Workbench To Keyshot

Renderers can rejoice, the integration between Luxion KeyShot and GrabCAD is even tighter. This means it’s even easier to share your renderings – whether you’re seeking to show as many people as possible, or just with private project collaborators.

KeyShot GrabCAD Integration

Back in June we told you about how our partnership with Luxion allowed you to publish Keyshot renderings and images directly to the GrabCAD community library or to GrabCAD Workbench. Let’s review the original integration and then check out the even stronger interoperability just released.
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Get your partners going with Workbench

Recently, we held a webinar for existing Workbench users with advice on the first thing you should do to create a successful project – get your collaborators on board to participate! Check out these useful tips for optimizing your project for sharing.

Invite to share

This presentation by GrabCAD VP of Sales and Marketing, Rob Stevens, is now available as a recording or you can read the summary here.
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What’s new to you in GrabCAD Workbench

Every day we work hard to improve GrabCAD Workbench and help you collaborate more efficiently with colleagues, clients, customers and manufacturers. One of the great things about a SaaS tool is that we can deliver updates daily. The downside is that users don’t always know when we’ve made improvements, so we wanted to take a moment to review some of the latest greatest features, then let you know how you can have your voice heard in our product development process.

Building in progress (pic via

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New Design Challenges: Robot Gripper Arm, Renderings, and Quick-fire Product Development

There are so many new design Challenges for you to follow! You can create a robot gripper arm and try out Autodesk Sim 360. You can test your rendering skills and get a spot on the GrabCAD homepage. And, you can design a functional product to be made on an EOS machine, which is especially handy if you find manufacturing methods either too expensive or time consuming.

New Challenges on GrabCAD! Click here to see them all.

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Challenge Results: Steampunk Wheelchair Design for Kyron

We are happy to announce that ModVic and Kyron we were really impressed with our GrabCADrs’ designs! They see many different elements they’d love to incorporate into one ‘uber’ Steampunk Wheelchair design for Kyron. The main goal of this design Challenge was to modify Kyron’s wheelchair with a cool Victorian aesthetic and maintain the wheelchair’s full functionality. We can’t wait to see the final build, which we’ll share with the Community!

modvic wheelchair design by greg hurley

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