$1.1M investment in GrabCAD to spark things up

I have some great news to share - earlier this week GrabCAD closed a $1.1M investment round. This added some fantastic people into our team, people who have played an important role in the history of CAD and tech world.

Screenshot of a virtual Rube Goldberg machine that our engineers are building together.

Meet our new investors:

Matrix Partners - an early investor in Apple and their partner David Skok is a member of the Board in SolidWorks. Atlas Venture with Axel Bichara who founded and later sold a CAD software company to ComputerVision and was one of the first investors in SolidWorks. NextView Ventures brings us Lee Hower who was part of the founding team at LinkedIn.

In addition to these three VC firms we’re proud to have the support of 4 angel investors who all bring something valuable to help GrabCAD along. John McEleney is the ex-CEO of SolidWorks who made the company into what it is today. Jon Stevenson played an important role in building ParaSolid. Alex Ott was the main force of bringing SAP to the US market and Angus Davis co-founded TellMe - a company that made speech recognition part of everyday life changing phone communications for good.

This investments will help us continue to build our product and business change the way engineers work together both with each other and with CAD services customers. GrabCAD will become the largest mechanical engineering resource by building better tools to collaborate, share knowledge and use the expertise in this professional community.

Just within the last month we’ve tripled the number of engineers who have signed up with GrabCAD. With such a great engineering community wonderful things that weren’t possible before start to happen. Things like our Amarok contest that brought over 150 design ideas in 2 weeks, building the largest virtual Rube Goldberg machine together, designing all the parts of an old Beetle together.

Looks like a very interesting journey ahead of us!

Yours truly,
Hardi Meybaum, CEO