GrabCAD badges – recognition engineering style

Some of you may have noticed some engineers receiving badges in the Most recent updates feed. It's time to announce the new feature that recognizes talent, activity, contribution, achievement and other characteristics that make some engineers stand out from the rest.

The cool thing about the badges is that you can get all of them. Although some are given automatically and some personally by GrabCAD staff, some are easier to get, some require top-notch work, every single one can appear on your profile page if you're active, show off your talent and let everyone see how good of an engineer you are.

GrabCAD Badges

We have started off with a mixed list of badges promoting very different skills or action. You can read about each one on the Badges page, however, a bit more detailed posts on each badge (its meaning, how to get, why members are who they are, etc) are coming up, so stay tuned. Also, as we keep giving out the badges and updating the respective members in the next days, do not worry if you see yourself missing from some deserved list at the moment.

Meanwhile, the strong recommendation is to take a look at all the action that is going on in GrabCAD: the challenges, the community projects, the ever amazing models and see how you can contribute, help or increase the already impressive quality of all the engineers' work. It's the best way of increasing the chance to receive any of the nice badges for your profile.