Case Study: Keyshot Engine Rendering Challenge

Keyshot is a popular program for a lot of Engineers and Designers in the community. So having a little Challenge seemed like a good idea! Everybody got an opportunity to get a short license and really mess around with Keyshot. It made the reason to win that much more appealing? Well it seemed that way - 178 entries of the most realistic renders of an engine that your CPU could handle!

To get a little more info about what Luxion thought of the whole competition, I caught up with Josh Mings, Web Marketing Director at Luxion and he had a few things to say.

Good times? Bad times? Did you get what you expected?

Overall, this was an excellent contest. It gave both communities an opportunity to show the other what they were capable of. The variety of style, creative approach to the visuals, was great to experience.

In your opinion, which community 'won'?

GrabCAD won in quantity of renderings produced and there were a lot of high quality renderings on both sides.

Does Luxion want to do more challenges with GrabCAD?

It's definitely possible. A lot of GrabCAD users have an interest in KeyShot and it's a huge community that we love being part of.

Is there a bright sparkling future in crowdsourcing rendering?

That's an interesting question. I don't think it's been pursued by many. I think a lot of companies and product design houses would have a great experience co-creating visuals with community like GrabCAD. Especially for variation on ideas and presentation is needed. Based on a lot of comments from users, I think a good format for future contests, would be one model using only the KeyShot software.

The Lowdown

At GrabCAD we're always trying to come up with Challenges that get everyone's creative juices going  - Keyshot Challenges like this seem to do the trick. But you, the wise GrabCAD Community, what would you like to see? Render just a single model, not a whole category? Something like a specific, like an HD quality CAD model of a car? Where every stitch, button and spoke has to be carefully rendered? Or perhaps an interior scene? Is there are a particular model that someone has in mind?

Tell us in the comments below because we're going to do another challenge in the future, and we'd like to make em bigger and better than before!