Tips of the Trade – Lower the Rope, and Help Out

We very recently hit 300,000 users, an incredible feat in itself. While lots of models are being uploaded every second, there is a growing number of Tutorials. Ever wanted to make a steel rope in Solidworks? Or how to create the dies needed to make sets of plastic spoons? Well, read on.

Tutorial on How to Model a Rope

Great tutorial by Ravichandra Jp. Profile, twist extrude, mirror, twist extrude again. Viola, you've made a rope in Solidworks. Now you can render it as steel, nylon or even natural.

Tutorial: How to Make a Springy Spring

I have yet to find the name for this type of spring, apart from the name of a Springy Spring as given by Mandeep Singh. My research has come up with nil - I am dying to learn what these are called, and what these springs would be used for!

Video tutorial on mirroring 3D sketch in SolidWorks

There is more than one way to mirror a 3D sketch in SolidWorks - Sudhir Gill shows you the way how.

Tutorial-How to import points to solidworks from a text (.txt) file

Hugely popular tutorial by A. Kashef about a common problem. Easier to do in other programs than Solidworks - problem solved with a little support from GrabCAD.

How to make core and cavity of complex models?

Mandeep Singh asked this question, and Verislav Mudrak kindly made a detailed tutorial that explains how to make a die for a simple spoon. Amirrezapakroo created another method, sharing his professional skills as a die-maker.