Top Unanswered CAD questions

Do you know how to set a camera path or import a DWG? There are some burning CAD questions out there that have not gotten help... yet. Each question answered with a tutorial, short or long, will help many other engineers get the job done better and faster. This is what GrabCADrs are all about so, we would like to put a bounty out on some of our top unanswered questions. Give these questions a tutorial and get a surprise!

Hunt for new tutorials on GrabCAD

You told us through your wishes, survey responses, and messages that you want more resources for learning and breaking through challenges at work. We want to deliver! As some of you may have seen, we are working hard to improve our Tutorials on GrabCAD.

What are we doing?

  • Asking members for feedback and fielding wishes.
  • Finding and fixing bugs in Tutorials.
  • Inspiring helpful tutorials through Challenges with the Community.
  • Making it easier to browse and learn with future improvements.
  • Rewarding GrabCADrs for answering tough questions.

Why focus on Tutorials?

A big part of being in the GrabCAD Community is sharing your expertise and learning through others' work. If you've ever found a helpful answer or model on GrabCAD, we ask that you give back in some way. Pay it forward. These questions have been viewed by a big group of people who also want some answers. You can help them out, we know it!

We are already making strides and are close to fixing a few bugs this week which hold members back from successfully submitting their work. Thank you to all the members who sent in their user stories to get to the bottom of this tricky issue. Keep an eye out for many more improvements over the coming weeks.

How will the question bounty work?

Check out the top 25 unanswered Q's below (feel free to nominate others in the comments). The GrabCADr who answers with a tutorial in the next seven days will get a surprise for their efforts! Just follow the link. Click answer as a tutorial. Add your steps with pictures. That's it! Email me at with any issues. I'll contact you after the week is over about your surprise. Happy hunting!

  1. Alibre BOM reference errors 
  2. Alibre red cross error 
  3. Set a camera path in Solid Edge 
  4. Build linear motion in Creo
  5. DWG import into Lumion 
  6. Converting from a step or iges format to a dwg format 
  7. Model vortex generator on wing surfaces 
  8. Enter force per angle in MSC ADAMS from Excel data 
  9. How to Install DraftSight network license
  10. Move imported file to the correct position in Solid Edge
  11. Create stuffing box in ProE
  12. Draw spiral chute in Solid Edge
  13. Transition and x-section unbend in ProE
  14. Create diesel generator enclosure in Solid Edge
  15. Hide or remove the PCD axis lines from a ProE drawing
  16. Show how to smooth clay model in Rhino
  17. Create braid modeling in Creo
  18. Export forces into a new simulation dynamic study
  19. Create a wheel from a drawing
  20. Seamlessly integrate into CATIA
  21. ANSYS external gear pump simulation with immersed solids
  22. Realistically flow simulate a dragster
  23. SolidWorks beginners guide
  24. Identify the assembly file and its child parts
  25. Model a sandwich element honeycomb structure