Lagoa brings powerful but simple cloud-based rendering to GrabCAD Workbench

GrabCADrs love to render, and GrabCAD just made it easier to create beautiful renderings of all your designs.  Today we welcome cloud-based rendering tool Lagoa to GrabCAD Toolbox - meaning you can access Lagoa’s great cloud rendering tool without having to leave your Workbench project. Click on the video below to see Hardi Meybaum (CEO, GrabCAD) and Thiago Costa (CEO, Lagoa) give a quick demo.

Digital prototyping has become a key step in the design process.  For most designers, a job isn’t done without a high quality rendering that shows off their product in the right light and environment.  For one thing, renderings help others give you great feedback during the design process and let you know that what you’re designing is on target.  In addition renderings are increasingly integrated into marketing and sales efforts, since it’s easier to tweak a rendering then it is to bring a photographer back to re-shoot an image.  So it’s more important than ever to have a powerful rendering tool at your fingertips.

Until now, rendering applications have been costly to buy, required expensive hardware to run well, and tended to monopolize the hardware they were running on.  Lagoa brings a fresh approach to the rendering game, relying on cloud-based processing to speed up the rendering job while still offering powerful tools like HDR environments, sophisticated materials effects, and more.  Because it’s a cloud-based tool, Lagoa makes it easy to work together - multiple of users can work on the same rendering at the same time, allowing real-time collaboration.

Lagoa is the latest addition to GrabCAD Toolbox, a set of third-party applications that run on top of GrabCAD Workbench.  It’s easy to get started with Lagoa, with a monthly subscription model instead of an upfront license fee.  And best of all, you can try it out for free, right in Workbench!  Here’s how:

  1. Select a file to render in GrabCAD Workbench

  2. Select “Open in Lagoa”

  3. Set up your scene - modifying materials, adding lighting, and so on

  4. Click “Render”

  5. Wait seconds (not hours) to see the result

  6. Once you’re satisfied with the image, save it back to your GrabCAD project

Try out Lagoa for free in your Workbench project