Fateh Merrad, Creator of popular model “Audi R8″

GrabCAD engineer Fateh Merrad from Algeria uses GrabCAD almost everyday and his Audi R8 model is one of the most downloaded models. I took a moment to chat with Fateh about his model and about his background.

GC: What's the story behind why you modeled the Audi R8? 

Fateh: Before starting to talk about the Audi R8, I want to say that modeling of cars is a great pleasure for me and for people who love this area. The history of this model was the second undergraduate year when I started studying CAD modeling. Our study was limited to design and Semple when I loved modilisation in Solidworks. I started doing research on solidworks when I discover the techniques of surface modeling that made ​​me want to model as a hobby. My first project was the Audi R8. It was difficult, and I worked quite hard on it.

GC: How'd you build the model? Did you collaborate with other engineers on it? 

Fateh: For the modeling of the Audi R8 I started by searching on youtube. I found a video of a tutorial from another car. I was inspired by the techniques used, so I started to model myself. For this first model, I spent a month at my computer to create. As you see, I have managed to develop it with advanced techniques using Solidworks.

GC: What's your background ?

Fateh: My academic career has allowed me to acquire an analytical mind and an open mind essential to the job of production mechanics. During my three year mechanical production system degree, I became familiar with general mechanics. This course gave me the advantage of exerting work practices within the university and business. To this end I am able to manage a variety of mechanical tools. For internships and international competitions in the mechanical field I learned to develop my thinking skills while gaining maximum knowledge about the field of mechanics. Through various experiences I have gained to master the mechanical manufacturing software (CAD, CAM) that allowed me to model and make 3D designs to produce assemblies. During my third year of university I had the opportunity to exercise an internship on a CNC lathe during the period of my graduation project in a manufacturing company specializing in trucks. More recently, I completed a masters degree in mechanical construction where I worked on diverse fields such as fracture mechanics, fatigue and mechanical laminate.

GC:  When you uploaded the model to GrabCAD, what did you expect would happen?

Fateh: Ah I remember the first days of is publication on GrabCAD well. I did not expect that others would love this model as much as they did. All of a sudden, I began to receive many positive comments that gave me the desire to create more and I also received emails from other members of GrabCAD seeking the duration of its creation and the techniques used. I did not expect that the model would in a short period, be among the most downloaded models. I have also shared knowledge with other engineers. I began to admire the work done by other contributors on GrabCAD (especially William, Carco, Silvio and others). I also love getting renders from other members for my own models. That gives me ideas on rendering techniques.

GC: Are you interested in collaborating on a project with the entire GrabCAD community? An 'open' project?

Fateh: It's a very good question, for projects with the GrabCAD community are certainly in my future. I have a dream to create a great project with other engineer. It will be a complete concept car with the sign (GC) and all details as possible and a simulation study and all that to enhance the site and to advertise for ourselves.

GC: What do you do for a living and what do you want to be doing in 10 years?

Fateh: When I was a student I was a freelance graphic designer. Since then, I have had a few companies in which I've done print jobs and web sites. Now I work as an engineer and trainer in Solidworks at Alcadworks.com. In 10 years, I'd like to work in a large company and give a new air to the mechanical industry, whether in my country or any other country, improve the working methods by introducing new techniques used in modern industry and that in order to optimize the time of design, manufacturing, and improve product quality.

GC: What's your next big project?

Fateh: My next project is to complete the BMW M3 model and make it much more detailed and realistic with the dashboard and I would like to take the place of my Audi R8 as among the most popular models on GrabCAD.

GC: Thanks Fateh! 





  • Robert Voogt

    This was a very nice blog post to read.
    Fateh, I hope you’ll create a lot more!

  • Fateh MERRAD

    I am very happy for this interview with grabcad and it will give me the urge to do more in future

  • Fateh MERRAD

    Thx Robert Voogt and thx grabcad :)

  • sarah james

    very nice i like it ^^ happy for you fateh

  • William Barclay

    Great interview Fateh, we all got to know a little more about your self and your background very interesting reading…..
    I am looking forward to your next project getting uploaded, you set the standards very high for us to follow mate…..

    I wish you luck in the future

  • http://gr.linkedin.com/pub/manolis-theofilos/34/85/a31 Manolis Theofilos

    I am waiting for the M3. I am a big BMW fan.

  • Jamal

    Nice interview with an engineer who is among the greatest.

    It was wice to read it Fateh.. I wish the best for you.. ;)

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    Very nice interview! Thanks. Interesting to know more about you Fateh.

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    coool review fateh =)

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    You’ve really inspired me a lot fateh :) quality models like yours and other top contributors is what drives this awesome site !

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    good job fateh i like your finiching and lighting..

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    “It will be a complete concept car ” please, be serious :)

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