Fateh Merrad, Turning GrabCAD success into freelance opportunity

His Audi R8 is the number one top downloaded automotive model on GrabCAD. His CAD models have attracted over 36,000 downloads.  His tutorial on creating car surfaces has received over 8,300 views. Algerian engineer Fateh Merrad is seemingly unstoppable. We sat down with Fateh, one of GrabCAD’s top users, to discuss his work, successes, and future in freelance CAD modeling. 

GC: Since your last GrabCAD interview back in February, your presence on GrabCAD has continued to skyrocket. How does it feel to be so influential?

Fateh: I am really honored. Hands down, GrabCAD is the most amazing platform for designers, engineers and creative people. It brings together passionate people to advance innovation without borders. For instance, we do have in North Africa an amazing pool of creativity and using GrabCAD as a sharing and social platform, I foresee a revolution in innovation and creativity. But, we are just scratching the surface in North Africa. Since I joined GrabCAD, I have had simply hundreds of talented people, designers, engineers and companies around the world contacting me directly; it is really constructive, impressive and honoring.

GC: How do you think GrabCAD has affected your professional career?

Fateh: I was working as a freelancer before joining GrabCAD. Since joining, it really amplified the scope and impact of my creations. I have been involved with amazing projects that are not only virtual but are also commercially viable products.

Picture Fateh

GC: What freelance projects have you worked on through GrabCAD?

Fateh: Many of the projects have non-disclosure agreements attached to them so we have to respect that. But, I can inform you about Bl’qe, a company in Germany that I work for. It is about constantly learning new models, new fields, it is always different and challenging but also a lot of fun! And I’ve had the opportunity to work in Spain, Switzerland, Dubai, Germany and Holland, and I gained great experience in several areas such as industrial, automotive and jewelry. Also, I'll soon start a project with a company in the automotive field. I can tell you that it is really amazing to be involved and to be invited to work on freelance projects.

 GC: How were you contacted to do these projects?

Fateh: About 70 percent of people contacted me via GrabCAD. Also, I decided to create my own design and engineering group called Dzignova that will somehow bring together amazing creative individuals and their projects that consider form, fit and function. This group is currently being built and I will know more about in the upcoming months.

GC: Which models do you think were the most influential in people reaching out to you for freelance work?

Fateh: Design and beauty attract and inspire in general. Cars for instance, sustainable creation as well (electrical cars), are examples of this. I believe that when you do something with passion, added to the power of the social network provided by GrabCAD, we have an amazing recipe for reaching out to people and building synergies.

GC: Do you have any advice for fellow engineers wanting to use GrabCAD to help their professional careers?

Fateh: In my opinion, the best way to define GrabCAD and how it can help engineers is: GrabCAD takes from you and gives back to you more than you give.

GC: What is your favorite GrabCAD feature right now? How do you think GrabCAD will move in the future?

Fateh: GrabCad the site has really been evaluated in recent months, especially with private messages and the new interface.  Also, I can’t forget to mention the tutorials published, which provide an opportunity for members to learn and participate in developing the site. Very simply I love this platform; we can really communicate and enrich each other’s lives like never before. I love the fact that industries are starting to give importance to a completely new way of designing and innovating. I think GrabCAD will soon move to another level with the growing number of subscribers and contributors. No doubt about it, I will use GrabCAD later in my career! This is the future.

GC: Thank you Fateh for taking the time to chat with us. We really appreciate it! Any last thoughts?

Fateh: I want to thank all members of GrabCAD who gave me the opportunity to do all of these things.

GC: It’s our pleasure!

If you’d like to learn any additional information about Fateh or his work, be sure to leave your questions in the comments section below!

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