Our CAD library – summing up the first live week

Hello there again,

How great it is to finally have our product up and running. Feels like we’ve completed a huge milestone - and sure, that we do. Looking at it now, however, we again see clearly how that first part was just one stage of a huge and surely exciting journey. Our tasklists are long and if you could see through the nice (hopefully you like it too) exterior of www.grabcad.com you’d see a bunch of enthusiastic caffeine-addicts who don’t sleep enough polishing their ideas until they’re happy. And they are happy when you are happy.

So, what’s been going on behind the scenes? Well, a lot. Here are some of the updates we have released to public use since our launch:

  • Sorting CAD models using filters - on the left-hand side in the library view you can find the filters list - easy-to-use and you can apply several together
  • A news section where you can see the most recent activities by others in your network
  • A fancy zoom option enables you to conveniently see the images of models much larger
  • And a lot of bugfixes (of course we’d like to think we do everything right the first time round, but well, things just aren’t like that, you know that :) )

Now we have 170 users, tripled our traffic in the last few days, and here are some of the interesting bits I’d like to show you:

GrabCAD CAD library screenshot - model of a torch
Here’s a model of a simple torch, uploaded by Jon Sutcliffe. Just look at the detailing on this! Great stuff.

GrabCAD CAD library screenshot - user view
Here’s our latest joined user who has contributed to the community, Stephen Eaton. Thanks for these high quality drawings, Stephen, we appreciate it.

GrabCAD CAD library - user view
Michael is one of our top contributors with sheetmetal industry background, robotics and audio equipment experience, as stated in his profile. His stuff is worth checking out as well.

Stay tuned, there’s tons more to come. We keep you posted on this blog (subscribe to the RSS feed), on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.