10 interesting CAD models from last week

Friday afternoon is a good time to round up some of the most interesting models uploaded during the past week. I’ll try to make this into a weekly blog post. As the number of uploads increases a lot of good stuff gets pushed into the bowels of our CAD library. Time to put some of them into the spotlight.

4 piston engine

4 piston engine for Autodesk Inventor by Shelly. All semi-transparent models get thumbs up from us.

Dilophosaurus puzzle for SolidWorks by Jason Knox who added: "FYI, it seems that the Dilophosaurus did not actually have that big frill behind it's head, the frill was simply added for effect in Jurassic Park."

P51 mustang

P51 Mustang was one of the most successful fighter planes of World War II, Jeff Earnest took the time to create the P51 Mustang model for Solidworks, enjoy.

Wiggle chair

Emil Rindell’s take on the famous "Wiggle Chair" among the furniture models of this week. The original wiggle chair was designed by Frank Gehry back in 1972 and has found its place among the classic furniture pieces and design museums. Emil’s version is available for IronCAD and as a STEP file.

guitar body

Our collection of guitar models has grown nicely but this solid-body guitar model (STEP format) sticks out with its nice rendering. Designed and modeled by Sönke Dierks.

Formula 1 car

Fast cars (especially if they’re red) always catch the attention. This Formula 1 model for AutoCAD was done by Michel Ellul as part of his coursework.

Ironman’s arc reactor

Ironman’s arc reactor is perhaps something we won’t see rolling off the production lines but for all other purposes this futuristic energy source is just a fun little model. Done by Andrew Thomas for Solid Edge (STEP also available).

Model engine

You could take 200 of these tiny 1.8 cc engines, tie them together and try to make a car go really fast. Or you could use one one a RC plane or car and have tons of fun :) This model engine for SolidWorks done again by Jeff Earnest.

Tall loft bed

Ken Perez has shared his space saving sleeping-working solutions before, this tall loft bed model for SolidWorks is a good example that is perfect in tight spaces and giving plenty of storage space in the drawers.

Another model from Shelly, this time a concept model of a futuristic wind turbine. It’s worth checking out for the comments alone, great insight from another member, Geoff Bye, on the different aspects of wind turbine design. Model available for Autodesk Inventor.

That’s it for this week. Keep uploading those great models, I’ll do another round up of the coolest stuff next Friday.