Improved search for CAD models and engineers

Our site search got a nice little improvement - when searching for something you immediately see suggestions based on what you’re typing. So when you enter "engi…" it already shows you a list of engine models and you can either select one to check it our or refine your search phrase.

You can find engineers too! It took us ages but you can finally search for engineers too if you know their name. Works just like searching for models - type in the name of the person and you’ll see the models that they’ve uploaded and a link to their profile too.

Remember, our search is only as good as the descriptions and tags you add to your model when uploading. So when you want more people to find your excellent models then take the extra 30 seconds and write a few keywords what your model is about. Others will thank you for the effort.

Try the new and improved search…

Note that the search in our blog is different from CAD library search and it lacks this handy suggestions feature. We’re working to fix this :)