3D human CAD models – hottest stuff on the market

3D humans are some of the most sought after CAD models out there. Useful in so many different ways, finding a good free model seems to be such a challenge. Here are the human models that GrabCAD has to offer. For free, of course.

poseable human figures

These poseable human figures from Gee are not quite human but for any kind of ergonomic studies they should be more than perfect. Plus they look super cool. The model is available in SolidWorks 2011 format but the zip file also includes STEP file.

seated human model

Ken Schulze’s seated human 3D model is "helpful laying out the sizing for cars, airplanes, and submarine projects. Arms, leg, and hands can all be manipulated for vehicle controls. Head position can be used to determine field of view studies." Ken isn’t making this up, check out how another user Shuvom Ghose used it to determine the fuel consumption of his Mazda Miata with this little guy. It’s available in SolidWorks 2010 format.

human template

Another human template model comes from Andri. It’s a combo of three independent assemblies (running, standing and sitting) and although Andri based it on a photo found on the internet and he thinks the arms are weird-long this 180 cm tall guy is another useful model for ergonomic studies. Downloaded over 570 times, there’s got to be something useful about this model. Available in SolidWorks 2008 format.

3d human figures

Google SketchUp users will like the next human model from Hide Waka. It’s a bunch of guys in standing, walking, sitting etc positions.

human skeleton model

"Maybe not immediately useful, but very cool," is exactly the right comment on this 3D human skeleton. Perhaps anatomically not 100% accurate but more than perfect for most applications. Available for SolidWorks, as a STEP and X__T format.

human eye 3D model

Going deeper into a human body we have the human eye 3D model from Bobby Dyer. It contains detailed parts showing things like sclera, ciliary body, suspensory ligmanet, cornea, iris, pupil, lens etc.

There are a few more related models available like the human hand or the working man but we always appreciate more well done human 3D CAD models. Do you have anything you can share? Especially if it’s for some other CAD software than SolidWorks.