All New GrabCAD User Profiles. Tabs, Video, Rendering and More

Today GrabCAD User have a set of wonderful new features to use. All new user profiles and with it wonderful new ways to organize their models, renderings and yes, even videos. Here's a breakdown of the new features and what is now possible.

Previously, you were able to upload only models and renderings. We've added a new option to the uploads section to add video to your model upload which automatically embeds the video in the model page, just like a rendering. It's just one more way you can share how-to videos, animations or assmebly instructions with your friends in the GrabCAD community.

The new GrabCAD User Profiles

GrabCAD User profiles

We've kept the feel the previous profiles, but have added better ways to display and access the content you create. Here's an overview of the main features you'll see on the new profiles.

New Features:

  • Model, Rendering, Video Tabs on your profile interface
  • New video embed option for your profile and models
  • Renderings of models you have done for other users
  • Updated stats box showing models you have shared

Model, Rendering, Video Tabs

The Model, Rendering and Video tabs separate your content just like that. You still have a tab to view everything you've created and a little icon that shows whether it contains a model or a rendering.

GrabCAD User profiles

The new GrabCAD profiles now have specific areas for your models, renderings and videos.

New video embed option

The model upload screen is where you have the option to include a video of the model. Simply provide the URL of the video and GrabCAD automagically embeds the video alongside the model and any renderings you have.

grabcad video upload

Embed a video for a model by simply pasting the video URL.

Renderings of models

If you enjoy rendering models and doing some rendering for other user's models, you'll see them here. This shows what models you've rendered and provides a link to the user who created the model.

The new Rendering tab show rendering you have done for your models and for other models in the library.

Updated stats box

The stats box is now laid out a bit better with an added stat for what models you have shared. This will update automatically when you comment on a model and share a link to another model.

GrabCAD profiles stats

New Models Shared stat shows how much you are sharing with other GrabCAD users.

Oh, there's one other new feature you'll see when you visit the main Library page. Top Categories. This shows what's hot in the community at the moment. So, when you're uploading be sure to select a Category for your model, rendering or video.

This is very exciting for us. We are working hard to bring even more features and even more possibilities to the GrabCAD community. If there is ever something you like or dislike, definitely let us know what you think!